BERRI SWEET Wins $425k From Isildur1 at PLO

For the second straight day Viktor "Isildur1" Blom suffered a heavy defeat, this time at the hands of both Ravenswood13 and BERRI SWEET.

Isildur1's first match yesterday was heads-up at the $1k/$2k Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tables against Dutch pro Ravenswood13. The match lasted for two hours in which time Ravenswood won a healthy $181.5k. Isildur1 did manage a slight comeback towards the end of the match as Ravenswood had been up over $230k just ten minutes before the end of the match.

While the FLO8 match was going on Isildur1 opened up a $200/$400 PLO table against Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov. This match went considerably better, with Blom winning $249.3k from the two hour session, putting him up over $60k for the day.

After a brief game of $1k/$2k 8-Game against joiso where Isildur1 lost c.$6k Blom quit the game to take up an offer of a multi-table heads-up match against BERRI SWEET at the $200/$400 PLO tables. The match started late afternoon and ran for 6.5 hours until half past midnight.

During the first hour Isildur1 took a $120k lead, but just half an hour later BERRI SWEET had turned things around to take a $120k lead of his own as six-figure pots flew back and forth between the two battlers. In what was turning into a hugely entertaining (and indeed volatile) match, Isildur1 then hit a big $300k upswing, taking him up $200k in the match and up over $250k for the day. Playing at three tables he had big stacks at each, with a near $400k stack at at table Muliphein.

Over the next two and a half hours BERRI SWEET went on a tear, hitting more than a $500k upswing as Isildur1's stacks crumbled at every table. The $400k stack at table Muliphein was decimated to the extent that Blom eventually had to reload.

Isildur1 did put up something of a fightback, however, and managed to claw back some $220k over the next 1hr 45 minutes, leaving him down just $80k for the day ($140k down to BERRI), but a $240k surge from BERRI SWEET during the final hour of their match left Isildur1 down $370k for the day, meaning that his big wins from earlier in the week have now been almost exactly wiped out. BERRI SWEET ended as by far the biggest winner of the day, showing a total profit of $425,049.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of big pots, with over 30 in excess of $100k, and some over $200k. Here is the biggest pot of the day:

Isildur1 gets it all in with middle pair and a Q high flush draw and finds himself up against BERRI SWEET's nut flush draw and bottom pair. BERRI hits the flush on the first run of the turn and river and makes trip 6's on the second to take this $213.4k pot


In second place after his FLO8 win over Isildur1 was Ravenswood13 who ended the day up $149,410 after an earlier loss at $200/$400 8-Game to Fresh_oO_D has been taken into account. Incidentally, that win helped put Jens "Fresh_oO_D" Lakemier in 4th place on yesterday's leaderboard with a $37,542 score. In third place was NLHE specialist Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger who won $44,932 after playing at the $25/$50, $50/$100, and $100/$200 tables. He also managed a six-figure pot  (his biggest ever recorded pot at PokerStars) whilst playing three-handed at the $100/$200 tables against Trueteller and OtB_RedBaron:

Sick cooler for Trueteller who turned a full house after LLinusLLove had already flopped top full house - $103.2k pot


Yesterday's Biggest Winners

BERRI SWEET +$425,049

Ravenswood13 +$149,410

LLinusLLove +$44,932

Fresh_oO_D +$37,542

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