Mike "Scheids" Schneider Unveils "Poker Is Fun Tour"

PIFT's first event is scheduled to take place at Canterbury Park Casino in Minneapolis

Online Limit Hold'em legend Mike "Schneids" Schneider has unveiled his plans Anyone who's been around the online scene long enough will be aware of Mike "Schneids" Schnieder, the 33 year old Minnesotan Limit Hold'em crusher.

Schneids was one of the early online Limit Hold'em end bosses, and a poker millionaire when barely out of his teens. Scheid's first came to public attention when he won the PartyPoker Million V in 2006, his first ever live cash for a cool $1,000,000. He was also one of the longest serving instructors over at Cardrunners.com, creating an invaluable library of videos for the now defunct but once immensley popular poker training site.

Since Black Friday Schneider has been off the online radar, with his bread and butter now a regular $40/$80 mixed-game at his local casino, Canterbury Park. He also still plays in the occasional live tourney in Minnesota, the Mid States Poker Tour, and of course the WSOP in Vegas.


Above: Mike "Schneids" Schneider at a Mid-States Poker Tour event last year

According to Schneider's blog, he has harboured ambitions to start a poker tour with an inbuilt charity element for a few years now, saying that while he was ok with the fact that poker was essentially a 'zero-sum' game (insofaras to win money, at least one person has to lose) throughout his 20's, that as he has grown older he thought, "I yearn to have a legacy that extends beyond just simply being 'Mike Schneider the poker player.' ". Enter, the "Poker is Fun Tour" (PIFT).

Well aware that the proliferation of poker tours which have sprung up over the past few years, Schneider felt comfortable throwing his hat into the tournament tour ring with what he believes is a truly unique offering which offers players a more 'fun' experience - away from the serious grind of the more 'serious' poker tours.

Schneider took inspiration from his own local game. For years the game was a $40/$80 LHE cash game (NLH being illegal in the area) which slowly died a death until it was changed to a mixed-game set-up. Realising that choosing anything other than a NLHE format for tournament tours would be a bit too risky, Schneider has instead found a number of ways to add some fun and difference to his tour games. The first tournament will be played at Canterbury Park between 9th-10th September and will be a $450 "Winners Shown" event - meaning that the winner of the hand must reveal their hand at showdown, meaning that everyone will be able to see your bluffs, and know who is only gambling with the goods, bringing a whole new element to the game. Other little variations Mike has in mind are the addition of jokers, an extra hole card, and formats that mix limit and no-limit on different streets.

Schneider is well aware that poker tours, especially those who donate a portion of the prize pool to charity, will always struggle to make a great deal of profit - but that isn't really his concern or his motivation behind the tour, which he describes as a "project of passion", saying, "I have no allusions of turning PIFT into my own personal gravy train. I am simply motivated by the desire to make the world a tiny bit better place."

Schneider hopes that by keeping the events down to a single day, that they might be more appealing to the recreational or part-time players who may not be able (or willing) to put aside several days to grind out a poker tournament.

The first event will benefit a food bank in the Twini Cities "Second Harvest Heartland" which serves over 1/2m people each year. As well as the standard 1% of the prize pool each PIFT tournament donates to the events charity of choise, Schneider wrote on Tuesday that PIFT had found their first "Charity Pledge Partner" in Minneapolis business "Good Day Cafe" who have promised a 100% match of donations up to $1,000.

HighstakesDB would like to wish "Schneids" the best of luck with PIFT, and hope we can report on the success of next months event, with hopefully many more to come.


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