Phil Hellmuth on Podcast With Doug Polk

It looks like Doug Polk is jumping a little more into the podcasting game as he has some top guests lined up this week. He kicked things off yesterday with a two hour tete-a-tete with the legendary Phil "The Poker Brat" Hellmuth.

As ever the usual patented Hellmuth stories and brags came out including the "I've never cheated on my wife" line, the endless name-dropping (former President Bill Clinton and multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk were among the names dropped in this podcast), and of course the shameless plugs for his books and products.

Despite the braggadocio, however, Hellmuth was an engaging guest who was happy to follow up his brags with plenty of self-deprecating humour and listening to him speak it's difficult not to warm to him.

One interesting topic covered which was Polk's recent beef with Daniel Negreanu. For anyone who's been living in a cave, Doug Polk has had a couple of minor spats with Negreanu. It started back in 2014 when Negreanu randomly tweeted that he thought that with a couple of weeks practise he could be a winning $25/$50 NLHE player. Polk felt that this was an insult to the $25/$50 regs online who, to be fair, were probably streets ahead of Negreanu in terms of NLHE 6max cash. More recently Doug has made plenty of jokes at Negreanu's expense after he tried to argue that in certain cases more rake is better for players at the lower stakes (after PokerStars made yet another rake increase).

Above: Check out the podcast in its entirety above

The pair also touched on Tom Dwan's continued stalling in the "durrrr" challenge with Dan "Jungleman" Cates. Both players agreed that the stalling which has taken place is unacceptable, although Hellmuth did say that he has spent a fair amount of time with Tom Dwan over the years and found him to be, on the whole, a great guy. It was also mentioned by both Hellmuth and Polk that apparantly Tom Dwan has been having a very successful year playing in the huge cash games in Asia.

For the many interested parties out there, Polk's podcast guest later this evening wlil be Dan Cates himself, so no doubt there will be a little more insight into the ongoing "durrrr" challenge situation will arise.

Phil also chats a little about the Ultimate Bet scandal and his role at the company - he also reveals that he was due to sign for Full Tilt in a $30m sponsorship package the week before Black Friday hit and ruined the company!

It's certainly an entertaining couple of hours with plenty of juicy stories so click on the clip above if you fancy watching for yourself.


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