Jay Lee Wins First WPT Title at Chocktaw for $593,173

Little known Texan Chinese food delivery driver Jay Lee has taken down the $3700 WPT Choctaw Main Event for some $593,173, and in doing so he has increased his total tournament winnings by a factor of sixty, with just two prior cashes to his name for a combined $10k.

The event attracted 924 entrants, meaning that the $2m guarantee was surpassed by over 50%, ending up at a healthy $3,121,980, making Lee's accomplishment all the more impressive.

Unusually nearly all of the final tablists were relative novices, certainly as far as live tournament cashes were concerned. The only player with a decent number of cashes was Josh Kay who had over $700k in winnings, including a $367,928 score for winning 2015's LAPT Bahamas Main Event.

Lee started the final table of 6th in 3rd place with 3.445m chips, although he was a long way off Michael Stashin in 2nd with 7.685m and even further off the day's early chip leader James "Jeb" Hutton with 11,105,000.

It took two hours for the first casualty and it was Eric Bunch who fell after jamming his last 525k from the button with Kh6d (by this time the blinds were 50k/100k with a 15k ante) and receiving two calls. In the end it was Josh Kay who took the pot with just a pair of 3's. Bunch walked away $117,761 richer for his 6th place finish.

Yet another hour passed before the next elimination and it was Paul Fisher who ended up getting his last 1.4m in on a 6sJsKh flop holding Ks7d, only for Michael Stashin to roll over Jd6c for a flopped two pairs. The two pair held up and Fisher exited in 5th for $153,508.

With play 4-handed, Jay Lee had fallen into last place but managed to put himself back in the picture after his pocket 7's held up against Stashin's Ac9c all-in preflop, taking his chip stack up to 4.5m.

From this point, Lee began to chip up nicely, and a little under an hour after doubling through Stashin, he eliminated the 20 year old New Yorker (Oklahoma state allows over 18's to gamble in case you're wondering) when he jammed for 5,1m with pocket 8's, only to run into Lee's pocket Queens. Stashin's first ever live cash was a not inconsiderable $202,617 for his 4th place finish.

It looked for all the world that Jeb Hutton would be next out as his stack shrank to beneath 2m with blinds up at 100k/200k and Lee on 8.7m and Kay on 16.5m. However, Kay soon fell from Grace, first doubling up Hutton who luckily made a four-flush on the river after being behind the entire hand, and then losing a massive 17.2m pot to Lee in a flush-over-flush scenario. Despite rebuilding slightly, Kay once again doubled up Hutton before finally losing his last 4.5m with a sick bad-beat when Jay Lee's AsQc besting Kay's AdKc all in preflop when a Queen appeared in the window. Kay left looking a little despondent in 3rd place, with his $270,801 payday putting his live winnings total at just under $1m.

Above: Jay Lee celebrates his huge 17.2m chip pot win over Joshua Kay which propelled him to the top of the final and on his way to victory

Lee started heads-up play with a more than 2:1 chip advantage, and his lead only extended from here in what turned out to be a short, 10 hand final confrontation. It was all over on hand 190 of the day when Hutton got it all in after rivered a Q high flush, only for Lee to have flopped a full house when the Jd4d4c flop met with his Jh4h hole-cards. Hutton received $366,895 for his runner-up finish, while Jay Lee earned a Hublot Big Bang Steel watch, the $593,173 first prize and a $15,000 entry into the WPT Tournament of Champions.

After his epic win, Lee told WPT “It’s amazing! Cooler hands after cooler hands, but you know it’s a great feeling. A lot of ups and downs, and a lot of happy at the end. I’m glad I did it.”

Well, it certainly beats delivering Chinese food for a living that's for sure!

$3,700 WPT Choctaw Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Payout
1 Jay Lee $593,173
2 Jeb Hutton $366,895
3 Josh Kay $270,801
4 Michael Stashin    $202,617
5 Paul Fisher $153,508
6 Eric Bunch $117,761



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