Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov In New Online Interview with Paul Phua Poker

Hot on the heels of his recent appearance in Paul Phua's latest "Tips from the pros" video, Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov is back with Phua for a more in-depth player profile, offering us a rare insight into the life of one of the most successful high stakes online pros in history.

Prior to this interview very little was publicly known about Trueteller, so no doubt. it will be a treat indeed to our nosebleed obsessed readers.

When asked about his poker beginnings Kuznetsov says that he was living in Moscow at the time and he had a friend who had started to play and was winning some money, so he decided to do the same. Although success didn't come straight away, Kuznetsov found he loved the game and as with almost every successful poker player we've come across he became thoroughly absorbed in the game. Winning soon followed which, according to Kuznetsov; "was really really fun for me. Like, really fun joining up to the high stakes. I'm still enjoying it."

Above: Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov boasts impressive profit graphs at both Pokerstars (left) and Full Tilt (right), in additional to his $3m live tourney winnings and the undisclosed millions he has allegedly won in Macau's high stakes cash games (click image to enlarge).

Kuznetsov puts his success down to playing a lot and thinking very deeply about anything he did, and working out the consequences of every small action he took. He also stresses the importance of getting into your opponent's head and trying to work out what they might be thinking about, and how you think they might react to you. As Kuznetsov says, "For me, poker is playing the player, not the cards"

"For me, poker is playing the player, not the cards" - Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov

Talking live poker, Kuznetsov says his favourite place to play is Macau as he likes high stakes No Limit, and as we all know, they love their high stakes No Limt in Macau! The word on the street for some time has been that Kuznetsov has been one of the biggest winners in the mega-high stakes games in Asia so it comes as no surprise that this is his favourite place to play.

When asked what he thinks he would be doing if it wasn't for poker, Kuznetsov suggests it could be something like stock-trading because he enjoys risk-taking and feels that he deals with the inherent pressure of taking big risks better than most people. This is certainly true at the poker table where Kuznetsov says that "I find it really, really fun and enjoyable to fight my own fears"

When comparing live to online poker, although Kuznetsov doesn't have a preference, he does say that you can get more of an edge using metagame in live poker - by metagame he is referring to unique, situational circumstances where you can take advantage of another player. He uses the example of a player who is being backed being put in a tough spot who may be thinking "How will I look in front of my backers if I make this play?". With knowledge like this, Kuznetsov says, "you can have a way bigger edge on someone than if you just play your hand correctly"

Check out the video in full below:


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