BERRI SWEET Wins $133,412 vs cumicon at $200/$400 PLO

There's been a bit of a drought of real high stakes action over at PokerStars of late so it was good to see two world class PLO players battling it out at the $200/$400 tables, resulting in a $133,412 win for BERRI SWEET over cumicon.

The pair played for two hours yesterday afternoon, starting off with three tables simultaneously before adding another three for the last 40 minutes of the match. It's been a long time since we've seen anybody 6-tabling heads-up at these stakes and it was good to see some six-figure pots exchanging hands along the way.

It was actually cumicon who got the better of their initial exchanges as he opened up a $40k lead after 45 minutes of play, but after this high water mark for cumicon it was all about Swedish pro BERRI SWEET who went on an hour long near $200k upswing to reach a high point of +$153k before relinquishing $20k during the last few minutes of play.

The three biggest pots of the match all went to BERRI SWEET, and had they all gone the other way it would have been cumicon who would have won the match. See the two six-figure pots below:

Cooler here for cumicon as both players flop sets and turn full houses. Unfortunately for cumicon BERRI SWEET had flopped middle set to his bottom set - $112,702 pot


In the second six-figure pot all the money goes in on the flop with cumicon trailing to BERRI SWEET's top two pairs. Despite being behind on the flop cumicon is actually a slight favourite to win the hand as he has a big wrap draw. However, neither run of the turn and river can help him and this $102.5k pot goes to BERRI SWEET


This latest win puts BERRI SWEET well clear at the top of the 2017 high stakes leaderboard with over $1.5m profit from our tracked games (although his actual high stakes profit is probably even greater as he also made a decent amount in some untracked 5 card PLO games). Isildur1 and Trueteller are the only other 7-figure winners this year, with both showing just over $1.094m profit for 2017.

Second on yesterday's leaderboard was Russian pro St1ckman who earned $48,730 from over 1.2k hands. Most of his profit came from the $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO ring games, although he also enjoyed a small win at the $200/$400 FLHE tables.

Not far behind in third with a $44,927 profit was Stambolov who played at the $25/$50, $50/$100, and $100/$200 NLHE tables. Over half of his profit came from a $50/$100 ring game which also featured high-rolling hedge fund boss Bill "GASTRADER" Perkins.

Completing yesterday's top four we see another NLHE player as Pauli "Fiilismies" Äyräs ended his day up $40,648 after 1.1k hands played throughout the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
BERRI SWEET 6 408 $133,412
St1ckman 16 1221 $48,730
Stambolov 17 578 $44,927
Fiilismies 11 1115 $40,648

For all yesterday's winners go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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