Tom Dwan Still in Las Vegas, Plays Poker With Dan Bilzerian

After making his spectacular comeback in the new Poker After Dark earlier this month, it looks like Tom "durrrr" Dwan has stayed in Las Vegas for some more high-stakes action.

The online poker legend has been playing the big cash games at Aria Casino with players like Bobby Baldwin and Dan Bilzerian. It was Jean-Robert "Jaqueline" Bellande, who let his Twitter-followers know earlier this week that Dwan was still in town.

While Bellande didn't reveal the stakes they were playing for, we can assume that Bilzerian, Dwan or Baldwin were not playing for chump change.

From left to right: Tom Dwan, Dan Bilzerian, unknown player and Bobby Baldwin (seated next to his daughter).

We might be hearing more about Dwan & co. in the future also as he is reportedly looking to spend more time in Las Vegas in the next couple of years.


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