PokerStars Makes Changes to Online Tournament Payouts

PokerStars continues to make changes to their online poker platform to narrow the gab between pro players and recreational players.

This time the online poker giant announced about a upcoming change, which will be increasing the number of players who get paid in their multi table tournaments. Starting next week, the PokerStars online tournaments will award, in most cases, up to 20% of the field.

According to PokerStars, it's clear to them that paying more places "has a direct benefit to most" of their players. However, it's clear that there will be pro players, who will not be happy with the new payout structures and we will see how the overall reaction will be.

See the full announcement from below:

PokerStars runs a great many large-field tournaments and paying, for example, 1 in 8 players instead of 1 in 10 means that lots more people are paid who would have otherwise had a losing experience. We want more people to have more fun by winning more often, so we've continued to make changes big and small: we moved from 10% to 11.1% to 12.5% to 14.2% to 16.6% gradually across the years. The last time we did this was early 2017 when we moved the payouts in most tournaments to 18%, or 1 in 5.5 players.

On September 11, most tournaments on PokerStars will be changing to deeper payouts. Tourneys that have been paying 12% will change to 14%; 14% will change to 16%; 16% will change to 18%, and 18% will change to 20%. Keep in mind that this doesn't affect every tournament; there's no change to approximately 30% of the weekly recurring schedule. Examples of unaffected tournaments are Progressive Knockouts, many high buy-ins, and tournaments already paying 20%. The changes will be subtle and most players will only notice when they realize that they're experiencing the thrill of cashing a little more often. It's been years of tinkering to get to this point, and we'll keep working to create the best overall playing experience.


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