Is this the best poker club you've never heard about?

Players get the VIP treatment at this Moscow Poker Club (click image to enlarge)

If only all poker clubs could be like the Cash Poker Pro club in Moscow. Beautiful surroundings, state of the art technology, stunning hostesses, first class service, and consummate comfort.

The poker room uses Cash Poker Pro's own high specification electronic poker tables, elminating the need for dealers which not only greatly increases the number of hands players see every hour, but also eliminates human error, or indeed the possibility of marked or damaged cards.

Although the poker room looks like it should be filled with high rollers, the reality is that in this club most of the games running are at low-mid stakes (equivalent of 1/2, 2/5, and 5/10), so you don't need to have a nosebleed bankroll to enjoy the aforementioned perks of ths Cash Poker Pro casino.

Above: You can keep Bobby's Room - I wanna play here!

The tables in use are infinitely more sophisticated than the prototypes we saw in some card rooms a few years ago. Cash Poker Pro's tables cater for multiple games, including all varieties of Hold'em, Omaha (including all 5 card alternatives), Stud, and Draw. They also switch easily between cash and tournament formats. Due to the e-nature of the tables, larger tournaments can be played by linking up to other clubs using the same tables. These tables also have the functionality to offer the usual tournament formats and extras such as re-buys, add-ons, freerolls, satellites, and late registration. Cash game automated features inlcude straddles and run-it-twice as well as the ability for players to change games or play dealer's choice.

Clubs can choose how they use the software with the tables also offering the owner a custom system of bonuses and rakebacks and multi-level progressive jackpots, which will reward players who collect certain combinations. Rather than multiple dealers and pit bosses, the game administrators use a discreet tablet to monitor the games they are hosting, with instant finger-tip access to all important data and statistics.


Above: All the games are easily aministered from a single tablet, allowing the games to run smoothly and with minimum fuss and interruption.

The Moscow club combines an amazing live poker experience in opulent surroundings with the speed and efficiency of an online poker game. The perfect way to eliminate the anti-social aspect of the online experience with the live poker dynamic that many of us crave.

Above: Style, comfort, and 50 hands an hour - what's not to love?

As well as their e-tables and clubs, Cash Poker Pro will soon be launching their very own crytocurrency poker site with some great developments and innovations, and the ICO will be coming soon. We'll keep you up to date with details for what looks to be one of the most exciting iGaming ICO's of the year.


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