Doug Polk Reviews his Drunken Poker Session on PNIA

While he is not issuing $5 million poker challenges, Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk is known for his hand reviews on his popular Youtube-channel.

This time around Polk is looking at his final 3 hands he played recently on Poker Night In America, which ended up costing him around $300,000. One reason for the epic meltdown might have been the fact that Polk had a "few too many cocktails" while playing.

"It's time to face the music. Today we're looking at my final 3 hands on Poker Night In America, in which I lost a large sum of money while inbibing a few too many cocktails. But were these plays fundamentally unsound? Could I have made better decisions with a more clear state of mind? Let's get our hands dirty in a special Poker Hands post-mortem," Polk explains his new video.

While Polk won the 2017 WSOP's One Drop High Roller earlier this year for almost $3,7 million, he has had a few rough sessions recently playing the big televised cash games and lost just last week over $250K on Poker After Dark:

Check out the video from below:


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