"Aussie" Matt Kirk Up Nearly $1m in two sessions at Trickett's PLO at partypoker

In just over a week Australian high stakes poker player Matt Kirk has absolutely beasted his two sessions in Sam Trickett's invite-only high stakes PLO game over at partypoker and after a huge win on Wednesday his profit is in excess of $910,000.

We all thought he ran hot last week when he creamed a stacked table to the tune of $340,000, but that's as nothing when compared to Wednesday when he left the table with a staggering $587,000 profit playing against stiff opposition which included Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, Luke "fulllfush19" Schwartz, Andrew "thepucker" Pantling, Jan Peter "jpjhamburg" Jachtman, Rob Yong, and Leon Tsourkernik.

The only other winner of any significance was Andrew Pantling who won $100k from the $100/$200 battle. Other than that, the only winner at all was Luke "fullflush19" Schwartz who made a small $3k profit. Luke's win could have been much bigger had he not made a hero call in a huge pot against Matt Kirk who had naturally made a runner-runner straight to win a $200k pot against Schwartz's aces. 

Check out the hand history below, courtesy of Sam Trickett

18-49-09:Rob_Yong_ raises (400) to 400 
18-49-13:FullFlush19 raises (1500) to 1500 
18-49-17:Matthew_Kirk raises (5200) to 5200 
18-49-17:SamTrickett folds
18-49-21:Jpjhamburg folds
18-49-23:thepucker folds
18-49-27:Rob_Yong_ folds 
18-49-30:FullFlush19 calls (3700) 

18-49-36:FullFlush19 checks
18-49-41:Matthew_Kirk bets (5547.50) 
18-49-46:FullFlush19 calls (5547.50)

18-49-54:FullFlush19 checks
18-50-10:Matthew_Kirk bets (22190) 
18-50-24:FullFlush19 calls (22190) 
18-50-31:FullFlush19 checks
18-50-38:Matthew_Kirk bets (66570) 
18-50-59:FullFlush19 calls (66570)

18-51-03:Main Pot: $199710 | Rake: $5 

Dealt to FullFlush19            
Dealt to Matthew_Kirk        
Matthew Kirk wins with a straght Ace to Five       

18-51-03:FullFlush19 balance $49153.92, lost $99507.50
18-51-03:Matthew_Kirk balance $475084.17, bet $99507.50, collected $199710, net +$100202.50
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom had a good start to the game and looked like he might be heading towards a decent outing at the tables but despite his sterling efforts at partypoker's tournament tables (while the game was running, Blom was winning over $1/2m for finishing runner-up to Ben "CowEyed" Tollerene in the Powerfest $25k High Roller), he ended up losing $160k for the session, with almost half of that lost to Kirk in another big pot scooped by the popular Aussie.
As the pot unfolded Isildur1 had turned top two pairs with a king high flush draw, Jan-Peter "jpjhamburg" Jachtman had flopped a wrap draw and turned even more straight outs. However, Aussie Matt had turned top set along with the nut-flush draw and found himself in good shape when all the money went in on the turn. Filling up on the river Kirk took down a near $250k pot
Check out the hand history below - courtesy of Sam Trickett
20-48-19:Rob_Yong_ folds 
20-48-20:FullFlush19 folds
20-48-24:Matthew_Kirk raises (700) to 700 
20-48-24:SamTrickett folds
20-48-29:Jpjhamburg raises (2400) to 2400
20-48-32:thepucker folds
20-48-34:Isildur1 calls (2200) 
20-48-44:Matthew_Kirk calls (1700) 

20-48-47:Isildur1 checks
20-48-51:Matthew_Kirk bets (3647.50) 
20-48-59:Jpjhamburg calls (3647.50)
20-49-02:Isildur1 calls (3647.50) TTIM:2000 


20-49-04:Isildur1 checks
20-49-16:Matthew_Kirk bets (18237.50)  
20-49-29:Jpjhamburg calls (18237.50) 
20-49-42:Isildur1 raises (69682.75) to 69682.75
20-49-42:Isildur1 is all-In. 
20-49-50:Matthew_Kirk raises (102890.50) to 121128 
20-49-54:Jpjhamburg calls (61589.67) TTIM:4000 
20-49-54:Jpjhamburg is all-In. 

20-49-56:Creating Main Pot with $227285.75 with Isildur1 
20-49-56:Creating Side Pot 1 with $20288.84 with Jpjhamburg 

20-49-56:Main Pot: $227285.75 | Side Pot 1: $20288.84 | Rake: $5 

Dealt to Jpjhamburg       
Jpjhamburg balance $0, lost $85874.67
Dealt to Isildur1             
Isildur1 balance $0, lost $75730.25 

Dealt to Matthew Kirk     
Matthew Kirk wins with a full house, Jacks full of 3's
20-49-56:Matthew_Kirk balance $636346.59, bet $127175.50, collected $288875.42, net +$161699.92
The biggest loser of the game was once again Leon Tsourkernik who dropped $300k for the second time in a row. Matt Kirk may never see the alleged $2m Leon owes him from a contested Las Vegas loan, but he's certainly doing his best to win it back at partypoker's high stakes tables!


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