Steffen Sonthemier Trashes Phil Hellmuth's Game - Twitter Responds

Recent winner of the inaugural Poker Masters Purple Jacket, German pro Steffen Sontheimer has caused a little ripple on twitter since a clip of him trashing Phil Hellmuth's NLHE tournament skills hit the twittersphere.

Sontheimer, who final tabled four out of the five Super High Roller events at the Poker Masters, including winning both a $50k event and the $100k main event made his comments during a recent Poker Life Podcast.

When asked to critque Hellmuth's NLHE tourney game Sontheimer gave a damning opinion of the 14 time WSOP champion's skills. Caveating his onslaught by saying "first of all I like Phil a lot" Sontheimer tried to find something good to say about the Poker Brat's game, saying that the one good thing he does is to late register for tournaments to reduce his variance. He lists Hellmuth's other skills as, "talking a lot while facing a bet and then folding the best hand - he does this super well", and "blowing up after getting shown random sh*t, that's great as well". Sontheimer did acknowledge however, that "he has his results, they speak for him, no doubt about that"

When it comes to his actual gameplay however, all Sontheimer could say was, "It's tough to find good words about his 10bb game, it's tough to find good words about his 20 or 40bb game, theory-wise" and ended his critique by reiterating what Fedor Holz had said to Phil at one of the Poker Masters final tables, "I'm ready to play him, over and over and over again"

Inevitably  Hellmuth wasn't exactly thrilled with such a 'diss' coming from a player who wasn't even born when he was first winning WSOP bracelets and took to twitter to fire his retort

When Hellmuth's army of fans inevitably jumped to his defence, one of Phil's most opinionated "frienemies" Daniel Negreanu weighed in defending Sontheimer;

and yet again with...

Some pros, however, were firmly in Phil's corner;

And for good measure the Godfather of Poker weighed in with his support for "White Magic";

However, Texas Dolly did imply that perhaps against this particular opponent that Phil might not fare too well in the long run, saying;

While it's hard to disagree with what much of whast Sontheimer said about Hellmuth when playing in small fields packed with elite players, what Brunson says is certainly true - that Hellmuth is a master at getting bad/average players to bend to his will. And while this may not win him many high rollers, it will (and does) allow him to grow monster stacks in larger field events like no other NLHE tournament player in history. You don't win 14 WSOP bracelets without being a special kind of poker player, that's just a fact!


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