Phil Ivey Poised to make long-awaited return in 2018

Picture courtesy: Pocketfives

A new interview with Phil Ivey has surfaced online, where the Poker Hall of Famer promises to make his return back to live poker tournaments in 2018.

Not so long ago, Ivey was a familiar face on the live tournament circuit, playing all of the biggest tournaments all around the world. However, for the last few years Ivey has played only a few tournaments here and there.

The poker fans were shocked after Ivey decided to skip the 2017 WSOP altogether and wondered where their favorite player had disappeared.

According to the short interview, Ivey is still very much interested playing live tournaments, but he has taken some time off due to some "personal and family problems." Undoubtedly Ivey's recent legal battles have taken most of his focus away from playing.

Ivey also reveals he is currently spending most of his time in Hong Kong playing the biggest cash games in the region although he doesn't reveal any additional details.

The interview (watch below) gives also some great news to Ivey's fans as he expects to return back playing tournaments next year.


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