Larry Flynt offers $10m for Information Leading to Trump's Impeachment

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Hustler publisher Larry Flynt recently made an interesting offer to anyone, who might have information that could lead to President Trump's impeachment.

Flynt took out a full page ad in the Washington Post last Sunday, offering $10 million to anyone with information that would force Mr. Trump to resign.

According to Flynt, he is doing this for various reasons, as he believes Trump is resposible for things like "Colluding with a hostile foreign power to rig our elections, Telling hundreds of bald-faced lies and Sabotaging the 195-nation Paris Accord." Flynt also believes Trump might "trigger a nuclear world war."

The Larry Flynt Game

Now, you might wonder what this has to do with high-stakes poker. Flynt has hosted some of the biggest 7-Card Stud cash games in the world at his Hustler Casino, where the regular stakes were $4,000/$8,000. It was also the game where Phil Ivey started his career in high-stakes poker, being staked by Barry Greenstein.

According to The Ringer, the game was so big that it almost made Ivey to quit playing high-stakes cash games at the time:

When Ivey was down to his last $150,000, he figured he was in over his head. He told Barry, "If I lose again today, I’m not gonna play big anymore." He went into that session and lost almost everything.

Larry Flynt announced that the next hand would be the last of the night. Ivey was dealt three 6s. He and Flynt built up a nicely sized pot. On fourth street Flynt was dealt his fourth card to a royal flush. Ivey didn’t improve. Still Ivey bet into Flynt, $8,000. Flynt raised it to $16,000. Ivey called. If Flynt had any straight card or any flush card in the hole, Ivey would need to fill his boat by pairing on the river. If Flynt hadn’t made his hand yet, he still had plenty of outs to catch up.

The river was dealt face down. Ivey didn’t improve. Flynt bet. Ivey had a decision to make. All he had was three 6s. His hand was weak. But there was a lot of money in the pot. If Ivey folded, he was done with Larry Flynt’s high-roller game for good. If he called $8,000 and won, he would live to play another day. If he called $8,000 and lost, he’d just be stuck another $8,000. But at least he’d give himself a chance to win. For $8,000 he could buy himself a chance to live another day in the richest poker game in America.

It was a lot more than a lottery ticket, to be sure. But the lottery never ran a bluff on the river when it missed. Ivey made the call. Larry had nothing. Ivey lived. He came back and played the next day, and the next. He kept winning until he was clear of debt and had built himself a big enough bankroll to never have to play $80-$160 stud again. He never looked back.

"If he had lost that pot, if Larry had made the flush on the river," Greenstein said, "poker as you know it would have been delayed."


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