Ben "Ben86" Tollerene & Ike "philivey2694" Haxton Top Friday & Saturday Leaderboard

The biggest winners so far of the weekend have been online legends Ben "Ben86" Tollerene and Ike "philivey2694" Haxton, with Tollerene topping Friday's leaderboard with a $63,919 win and Haxton earning $55,324 yesterday, making him Saturday's biggest high stakes winner at PokerStars.

Both men made their profits at the PLO tables, with all of Ben86's Friday profit coming from just 8 minutes play against Trueteller at a $200/$400 table. In just 13 hands Ben86 won $61,576, which included taking down the biggest pot of the last 2 days;

Ben86 turns a wheel straight and lets the triple-barreling Trueteller try to bluff him out of this $81.7k pot


Haxton's $55.3k win on Saturday took a little more effort as he put in 5.5 hours and 839 hands across 19 separate tables of $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO to top the leaderboard. His biggest table wins came at the $50/$100 tables mid-afternoon where he played against the likes of Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, Dan "w00ki3z. Cates, Tom "tjbentham" Bentham, and David "Bullitos" van der Weele.

Second on yesterday's leaderboard was €uroTr@sh1 with a $52,042 profit from over 1k hands at the $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO tables, although all of his profit can be traced back to a single three hour early morning $50/$100 table where he won $54,186 from 171 hands.

In third we find Dan "w00ki3z." Cates with a $49,468 profit from almost 900 hands. Most of his profit came from short-handed play at the $25/$50 and $50/$100 NLHE tables, and rounding out yesterday's top four we find lynx4334 with a daily score of $26,142 fashioned from yesterday's $50/$100 NLHE tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
philivey2694 19 839 $55,324
€uroTr@sh1 13 1017 $52,042
w00ki3z. 12 894 $49,468
lynx4334 4 591 $26,142

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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