Heads-up PLO Pro Cumicon Announces Retirement, Posts SICK $7,400,000 Graph

Anyone who has been following the high stakes PLO scene over the last few years will be familiar with the name "cumicon", a fearless heads-up player probably best known for more often than not getting the better of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom heads-up at the highest stakes online. Yesterday, cumicon posted his winnings graphs and figures for the past five years, showing a staggering $7,423,253 profit.

The reason behind cumicon's sudden desire to show off his results is that he took to the 2+2 forums to announce that he was quitting poker and that during his time in the game he had always been inspired by winning players who revealed their graphs so he decided to share his own, saying that as he was no longer going to be playing the game that he longer needed to worry about killing potential action by flaunting his success.

He also gave hope to any aspiring players saying that he didn't really ever do any work on his game off of the tables. It's almost unheard of in 2017 for any big winning player, especially at big bet games, not to put in as much work off the table as they do actually playing the game. In fact many world class players have insinuated that it's more or less impossible to reach the top without doing so. However, as cumicon put it, "I did this without ever really working on my game away from the tables, so its still possible to be a lazy poker player and make money in today's games"

Although cumicon's HSDB graph shows him to be a +$1m winner, the majority of his success has come at the $25/$50, $10/$20 and $5/$10 heads-up or fast play ables, winning $3m at $25/$50, $1.5m at $10/$20, and over $1.4m at $5/$10. He also maintained some insane bb/100 winrates at all levels, averaging 25.3bb/100 across the board.



Above: Check out cumicon's stellar PLO results from 2013-2017

HSDB regulars will best remember his $200/$400 battles with Isildur1 in October 2015 where he took the Swedish phenom for seven-figures. Despite losing a cool million to cumicon, Isildur1 managed to still end that wild and crazy month with a $1.8m profit of his own after crushing at Triple Draw, 8-Game, and PLO (except against cumicon of course).

You can check out the 2+2 entry here - but if you head over there to PM cumicon for coaching, forget it - he makes it clear in the post that he's not interested!


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