"Cumicon" Comes Out of The Shadows

After announcing his retirement, high-stakes Pot-Limit Omaha player 'cumicon' has come out of the shadows and revealed his identity yesterday on the Poker Life Podcast.

The mystery man is Cullen 'Cumicon' Connors, who talked to Joe Ingram yesterday for nearly two hours about his rise to the top and what are his plans now that he has decided to retire from high-stakes poker.

The interview reveals, that Connors actually played NLHE from 2006-2010 before deciding to focus solely on heads-up and PLO.

While Connors appears to be at some times during the interview even more miserable than Daniel Colman after his One Drop High Roller win, there are also some fun bits like Connors' mom lurking HSDB articles to see how her son was doing!

Check out the full interview here:


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