Viktor "Isildur1" Blom Wins $340,000 in partypoker Invitational PLO Cash Game

While Viktor "Isildur1" Blom might have suffered a little at PokerStars over the past couple of days, he certainly made amends over at partypoker's high stakes PLO tables yesterday, walking away a $340k winner from the invitational $200/$400 game at Trickett's PLO.

The game featured many of the players who have been seen exchanging vast amounts of money over the last few weeks including, of course, partypoker's Sam Trickett, King's Casino owner Leon "KingsOfLeon" Tsoukernik, Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club owner Rob YongMichael "mcZhang" Zhang and skadrak.

The game didn't start too well for Isildur1 who quickly lost a $40,000 buy-in, but he was soon back, and over the course of the next seven and a half hours he gradually built up a huge stack of some $440,000, with most of it coming from Leon Tsoukernik's sizeable bankroll, although Blom needed a lucky river against the Czech casino impressario to kick-start his upswing;

Isildur1 flops a broadway wrap whilst KingsOfLeon flops the nut straight. Tsourkernik keeps the lead on the turn as Isildur1 improves to trip 10's. All the money goes in on the turn and Isildur1 manages to make quads on the river to scoop a $144k pot


Leon was soon back in monster stack territory, however, as he took down what turned out to be the biggest pot of the match;

KingsOfLeon, mczhang, and skadrak all managed to commit themselves to this pot on the flop. Zhang had flopped two pairs, skadrak merely a pair and a gutshot straight draw whilst Tsoukernik flopped both a flush draw and an open-ended straight draw, giving him 50% equity in the pot. He completes his flush on the river to take this $386.2k pot


A couple of hours later Isildur1 found his stack push over the $200k mark after another piece of good fortune, this time at the expense of Sam Trickett.

Isildur1 finds himself nearly a 5-1 dog after getting it all in on the flop with Sam Trickett but manages to hit running card to river a straight in this $201.4k pot


Speaking to Sam after the match he told me, "Viktor got me in a $200k pot with just four outs on the flop. That one hurt because I was already buried", before adding philosophically, "It's the life I choose...haha"

Sam ended the match one of the biggest losers, dropping $230k, although with nearly $21m in live tourney cashes and plenty of huge cash game wins under his belt during the course of his illustrious career, there's no doubt he'll be back at the nosebleeds soon enough.

Isildur1's biggest pot came around an hour later with play three handed at this point with Blom, Tsoukernik, and Zhang. The pot was played heads up between Isildur1 and KingsOfLeon. Unfortunately for the railbirds the hand didn't go to showdown as Leon folded the river after Isildur1 jammed his last $80k into an already $210k pot


Not long after, Isildur1 took another six-figure pot from Tsoukernik and during the last stretch of the match the King's casino owner began to bleed cash to both Isildur1 and especially to Zhang, who managed to make a big comeback in the latter stages of the game, finishing with a +$300k stack - although he still lost $75k in the game. Tsoukernik, meanwhile ended up as the evening's biggest loser, dropping $250k.

The other big winner from the match was Rob Yong, who quit less than halfway through the match having already banked himself a tidy $290k profit.

It's always nice to see Isildur1 walk away a big winner, if only because it guarantees us high stakes railbirds at least one more day of high-octane nosebleed action!

Many thanks to long-time forum member "Isildur" for streaming and recording the entire match - you can check out his other Isildur1 videos on his twitch channel,  and also to Sam Trickett for providing us with the breakdown of the game's winners and losers.


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