BERRI SWEET's Three Biggest Pots from November

Swedish PLO specialist BERRI SWEET ended November as PokerStar's biggest high stakes winner showing a profit of $418,381 - enough to make him the biggest winner of the year so far based on the games we've tracked at +$1,850,281. He also took down three of the biggest five pots won at PokerStars in November (including the biggest) which you can see replayed below.

3. $104,322, 28th November vs Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, $200/$400 PLO

All three of BERRI SWEET's biggest pots from November played out on what turned out to be a very busy night at the $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO tables between early evening on Tuesday 28th and the early hours of Wednesday 29th. This one comes from a late night 3-handed session between BERRI, Lrslzk and JayP-AA. After a single preflop raise, BERRI SWEET flops top pair with the 2nd nut-flush draw and is check-raised full pot on the flop by Lrslzk. After making the call, BERRI's flush hits the turn. He continues to bet and is just called this time by Kelopuro. The river brings the Ace of clubs, giving BERRI the stone cold nuts. He is able to jam his remaining stack in and is paid off in full by his Finnish opponent to take this $104.3k pot

Click image below to replay the hand in full


2. $104,465, 28th November vs JayP-AA, $200/$400 PLO

This pot took place during the same session with the same three players at the table. The flop gives both players straight draws with both also holding overpairs to the board, although BERRI SWEET has the higher draw and pair. The pot progresses to the river with neither player making a straight. JayP-AA holds blockers to the nut straight so bluffs big on the river. He might have got away with this had BERRI SWEET not rivered top set and paid the price to call his opponent's bluff. In doing so he scooped this six-figure pot.

Click the image below to replay the hand in full


$169,964, 28th November vs Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, $100/$200 PLO

This pot took place during Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's huge downswing which led to him losing all of the $500,000 he had previously won during the day (you can read about Isildur1's roller-coaster day in full here).

A big pot develops pre-flop here with BERRI SWEET 4betting to $16k and getting calls from both Grazvis1 and Isildur1. BERRI bets full pot on the 9 high flop and Isildur1 goes all-in for another 26k. A bit of a loose one from Isildur1 but given the situation (he was on tilt), the pot odds, and that with top pair and some straight possibilities he was likely not too far behind BERRI SWEET who was quite likely to be holding AAxx after 4betting preflop. Indeed when the cards were flipped he was only a 40/60 underdog, but BERRI SWEET's hand held up and he took down what turned out to be the month's biggest pot at PokerStars


Although the above represent the three biggest recorded and replayable pots we have here at HSDB, there were bigger online pots played during November, the biggest of which was won by Leon "KingsOfLeon"" Tsoukernik during last week's epic deep invitational $200/$400 PLO match over at Trickett's PLO at partypoker.

$366,183, 29th November Leon "KingsOfLeon" Tsoukernikvs skadrak & Michael "mcZhang" Zhang, $200/$400 PLO

KingsOfLeon, mczhang, and skadrak all managed to commit themselves to this pot on the flop. Zhang had flopped two pairs, skadrak merely a pair and a gutshot straight draw whilst Tsoukernik flopped both a flush draw and an open-ended straight draw, giving him 50% equity in the pot. He completes his flush on the river to take this $386.2k pot


To read more about this match, in which fan-favourite Viktor "Isildur1" Blom ended up a huge $340,000 winner, check out our match-report here


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