Maahone Wins $86,700 at NLHE and PLO

The biggest winner at PokerStars cash game tables yesterday was high stakes newcomer Maahone who profited at both the NLHE and PLO tables on their way to an $86,700 win.

Up until yesterday, the only recorded tracking we have of Maahone at PokerStars high stakes tables was for a mere 8 hands played back in late 2012. He added another 1,147 yesterday, however, with a significant amount of success, taking over $66k at the $50/$100 NLHE tables followed by a further $22k at the $25/$50 PLO tables.

Most of Maahone's profit came from his first games of the day. He played short-handed at two $50/$100 NLHE tables shortly after midnight with opponents including Otb_RedBaron, antoha1998, moshmachine, and GiveMeUp with $47,584 coming from a four hour stint at table Sylvania and another $15,188 from an hour at table Senta. Maahone also took down what ended up being the day's biggest pot during his time at table Sylvania:

Classic Aces vs Kings cooler for moshmachine as Maahone scoops this $31,240 pot


The remainder of Maahone's profit came from an hour long four-table session late last night at the $25/$50 6max PLO tables where he played alongside the likes of WRUUUUM, St1ckman, BlackFortuna, Grazvis1, dunphi, and ARTSchGamble.

Second on yesterday's leaderboard we find Swedish pro WRUUUUM, who made all of his $42,542 profit from the aforementioned late night $25/$50 PLO games. 

In third place we find Tuesday's biggest winner, Cobus83, who once again triumphed over Mikael "ChaoRen160" Thuritz at the $25/$50 PLO tables. Once again they played heads-up over two tables for two hours, with Cobus83 winning at both tables for a near $35k win. He lost a little in earlier $25/$50 games but still ended up with a $33,407 profit for the day.

Rounding out yesterday's top four was yet another $25/$50 PLO player as probirs played 493 hands at the 6max tables across the afternoon and evening sessions for a total profit of $22,302.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Maahone +$86,700

WRUUUUM +$45,542

Cobus83 +$33,407

probirs +$22,302

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