Learn to Play Poker on the Move with 4Ones Texas Hold'em app

Plenty of high stakes legends started their poker careers with nothing, either playing freerolls or building up their fundamental skills at the play money tables. Nowadays the options to play quality poker games for free are far more wide and varied than back in the day; as well as the play versions of the real money poker sites, there are some fine social gaming apps out there specifically built and designed with the recreational player in mind to enable them to play for fun at anytime and anywhere. One which has emerged as one of the most popular over the past couple of years has been 4Ones Poker.

4Ones Poker Texas Hold'em was specifically designed for mobile devices and is available on both the Google play store for Android devices, and on the Apple app store for iOS devices. With approximately 1m downloads and players all over the world 4Ones is definitely a good choice if you want to get started in your poker career, or just want to have some fun playing the game without the stress of gambling with your hard earned cash.

The app has a very user friendly interface, set up literally takes seconds and you can be in the action, playing at the tables in no time.

There are no physical cash or prizes to be won and the emphasis is really on the fun, social aspect of the game. To that end, as well as the games and tournaments you can have fun customising your avatar, interacting with fellow players at the tables with a range of emoji reactions, getting to know one another in the interactive chat feature, or simply playing your way to a collection of table backgrounds to show off to your friends.

Above: Check out some of the features at 4One Poker

Of course, there are milestones to aim for as you play, with numerous rewards and achievements to unlock as you go, so while you're not playing for money, you certainly can play for bragging rights - and with thousands of like-minded players there is plenty of scope for bragging. You can set up a friends list on facebook if you want to compete among players you know, or have a history with, and as you improve and build your chip stack, you can move up in stakes and really take your game to the next level.

There are, of course, options to purchase additional chips, but you can also earn extra chips free of charge by opting to watch in-app advertisements (this is entirely optional of course). If you fancy yourself as a poker purist, however, then you will be wanting to build you starting stack up to a mega-million chip tower through play alone. Use the replay feature to check out some of the most interesting hands of the week, or to get some tips on what it takes to scoop a big pot

Above: 4One Poker's replay videos enable you to keep up to speed on the biggest and best pots among the community

Whether you just want a little interactive poker fun on the go, or if you are looking for an app to hone your skills before moving your game up to the next level, then 4Ones Poker is well worth looking into. Download directly to either your Android or iOS device here


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