Exclusive Interview With Luke "lb6121" Schwartz

Luke "lb6121" Schwartz has been back in the poker headlines this past week after taking down a PokerStars Winter Series Event for $62,834 and has recently been seen logging a couple of wins back at PokerStars high stakes 8-Game tables. Always a favourite with our readers, we decided to put a few questions to Luke to see what's in store for one of online poker's greatest ever trash-talkers.

I noticed you’ve had a decent start to the year with a couple of nice wins at PokerStars mixed game tables, as well, of course, as your recent tournament victory in the PokerStars Winter Series for $63k. Got to be a good omen for 2018 surely? Have you set any poker goals for the year ahead?

I guess my poker goal for this year is to just play more . I spent too much time and money doing my b*****x on sports last year and not enough on cards . So i'll be playing a lot more. It will be mostly live PLO, online mixed games and online tourneys (I'm also going to try my hand v the gods like cobus and co at PLO)

Talking of your tournament success – you’re mainly known as a cash game player but you’ve got  a great online tournament record with 5 SCOOP titles and a Sunday Million victory among your big wins – why is it that we rarely see you at the WSOP? Surely with your tourney skills and your competence at all game types you could do some good things in Vegas?

I really should start going to Vegas again. I haven't been since 2013 and I didn't have much succes that year there apart from a deep run in the main, which was fun. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to travelling for poker. Plus the WSOP is on in the summer when the weather is nice and the kids are on holiday ... but yeah I'd be a big favourite to do very well if I was to go there and play a full schedule. Maybe this year...
We also noticed you getting involved in the big PLO games Sam Trickett organised at partypoker – can we expect to see you in that line-up again? It certainly looked like a juicy game to get into!
Yeah that party poker game is pretty wild isn't it? Luckily I've been able to get a seat the last few times . Unforch it hasn't gone as planned. On the 1st session even after losing 100k pot to a 4 outer I managed to navigate my stack up to 180k only to possibly make a mistake / get extremely unlucky in a 200k pot v that Whale Kirk ('Aussie' Matt Kirk). He was going bananas with qqa5 v my aa74ds on a j923 with my flush draw board. If I had shipped the turn I woulda taken the pot down. Instead I choose to just call him down and when the 4 landed on river and I was faced with a pot sized bet it was pretty puke but I still ended up calling pretty quick - sigh! . The second session was Hold'em and I ran pretty shit there losing a few 60k pots or so, never getting it in bad . The third was back to PLO and I think I lasted an hour befor losing 4 all-ins and quitting zzzzzz . The game is huge, its great, just what every pro is looking for. Hopefully it turns round for me the next time I play it!
Above: Luke giving it some of his trademark "attitude" at the live felt.
Over the last year or two we’ve seen a lot of the high stakes pros getting into cryptocurrency markets with varying degrees of success. Have you jumped on the bandwagon or if not do you have any plans to do so?
Sadly I didn't buy any crypto last year. Obviously I missed out on gazillions. I guess it's a great thing for the poker community as there is loads of money coming back into it . My twitter feed can be pretty painful at times with the sarcy genius comments about crypto . And Imagining thousands of American roomies high-fiving everytime the shitcoin rises a cent. Jeez fml ( I have recently jumped on the bandwagon tho).
You made your initial success online playing NL and for a time were one of the world’s best. Obviously you transitioned to mixed-games some time ago but do you ever miss those action-packed heads-up NL games from the late 2000’s where you could win or lose several hundred thousand in a session?
Yeah 2007-2009 was some f***ng great times. Sitting down at the highest possible stakes and pretty much having an edge on everyone was some feeling indeed! . Ofc I do miss it however I don't miss Hold'em. If I could reciplicate it again at PLO it would be amazing .I do battle the best and try it a few times a year but these kids and their huds / confidence / practice  / rolls / comfortabiilty when playing is hard to beat in the long run now . Saying that last year I was sitting $50/$100 heads-up PLO zoom getting hunted at the beginning, but by the end of the week it was just me cumicon and BERRI SWEET and I was actually printing the 2 of them (where I guess I had no edge) I ended up busting my account to Harley (Harleyy30040) at $400/$800 mix where I actually probably do have an edge! but that's gambling! Overall the fact that I never "study " (I hate that word) / use a hud, and squeezing / peeling flops, turns and rivers every hand isn't helping me. However, I'm still here. Maybe a more focused approach this year will make a change?
One of the highlights of the year for me in 2017 was your podcast with Joe Ingram (despite you calling me out for my ‘pigeon’ article on Dan Bilzerian). You are always just hilarious in any video based interview. Any thoughts on getting more involved with poker media, maybe doing some more commentary, or maybe even hosting something yourself?. I see a ready-made audience for you there!

Yeah I mean I've thought of starting a podcast and being more active on social etc . But I am pretty busy with 2 kids , poker, gym and now crypto zzzzz . One way or another there will be a rant or a tear up soon ha ha!


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