Isildur1 Tops Thursday Winners With $89,803 at 8-Game

It was good to see Viktor "Isildur1" Blom back at the top of PokerStars high stakes leaderboard yesterday after an $89,803 win over Dutch pro Ravenswood13 at the $400/$800 8-Game tables.

The pair met up late yesterday morning at a single mixed-game table where they played 238 hands over the course of 50 minutes with Ravenswood13 having the best of it and leaving the table a $30,594 winner.

They were back in action just 20 minutes later at a different $400/$800 table where they continued playing for a further two hours, and this time Isildur1 enjoyed considerably more success, winning $120,397 from 640 hands, enabling him to end the match with a near $90k profit for the day.

The biggest pot of the day came from an early hours 6max game at the $100/$200 NLHE tables and went to muumipois;

An unlucky river for zerfer03 makes muumipois an unlikely full-house from which he is able to extract decent value to take this $40,200 pot


In second place on yesterday's leaderboard we find PLO specialist Cobus83 who earned a $31,917 profit after a long afternoon at the $25/$50 tables where he put in 676 hands over a six hour period.

Third place went to another PLO reg, Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane. He won $27,926 from 672 hands played out at the $25/$50/, $50/$100, and $100/$200 tables in some early hours and late afternoon sessions. Completing the top four was yet another PLO player, WRUUUUM, who ended the day up $26,309 from 377 hands played in the early hours of yesterday morning with most of his profit coming from a 1hr 20min session at $100/$200 table Euterpe where he played against Grazvis1, lynx4334, and Limwonster.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$89,803

Cobus83 +$31,197

gavz101 +$27,926

WRUUUUM +$36,309

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