Jaime & Matt Staples Well on Course to Win $150,000 Weight Loss Prop Bet

Within one year of this photograph being taken the Staples brothers committed to weighing within one pound of each other in order to win a $150k prop bet with Bill Perkins

It's now been just over nine months since a 305lb Jaime Staples and his 130lb brother Matt made a prop bet with mega rich hedge fund boss Bill "GASTRADER" Perkins that within a year that they could take to the scales and weigh-in within 1lb of each other. With just over two months to go, Jaime has been discussing their chances of winning the bet and the journey so far.

On 25th March 2017 Perkins offered the poker streaming brothers odds of 50:1 to take on the challenge with $3,000 of the boys money on the line to Perkins' $150,000. Having weighed in with 12 weeks to go Jaime revealed that currently the initial 175lb deficit has been reduced to just 34lb with Jaime having lost a huge 93lb and Matt managing to add 48lb of bulk to his formerly meagre frame.

In an interview with Pocketfives Jaime says that due to his brother's sterling efforts to gain weight it is likely that the pair will look to meet at 187lbs rather than the 180lbs which they had initially chosen to be the goal for both parties.

Jaime has regularly updated followers on his YouTube channel as he and his brother have travelled the world over the past nine months with viewers getting a glimpse of the efforts both brothers have put into the challenge so far, including the occasional workout video with personal trainer Mike Vacanti. You also get to see Jaime coming back from grocery shopping with his chicken breasts and vegetables while Matt gorges on ice-cream, pasta, and pizza, somthing which Jaime admits has been tough, saying;

“There’s good things to eat everywhere, and the brutal thing is I’ve lived with my brother, so I’ve seen him eating the chips and the pizza and the potatoes and the rice and the pasta. I’m just sitting there with my chicken breast and salad,”

Matt_and_Jaime_Staples_August_2017 Above: You can see from this snap taken just five months into the prop bet that both brothers had already been working hard on their prop bet.

What has been particularly impressive about the Staples' journey is that both brothers have been able to work towards their goals in as healthy a way as possible. It was always part of the bet that neither brother could use steroids or take short-cuts (liposuction etc). Jaime's weight loss certainly looks impressive, and according to the PokerStars pro, his brother has been lifting a lot of weights to make sure he is keeping in shape whilst sticking to a 3,500 calorie diet (Jaime is having to survive on just 1,300 calories).

The boys seem confident they will win the bet and that its more about timing the final day correctly;

“We’re researching the best scales so we can get it very exact and not have any fluctuations that way. There’s no regulations in terms of how much we can weigh in before that 5 pm time. We’ll come into that day at the same weight and we’ll just be fluctuating water weight throughout the day, so at 4:59 we’ll be hopping on the scale, making sure we’re there.”

You can check out the entire interview here



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