Gus Hansen Takes Former Friend & Business Partner Rasmus Nøhr to Court

Over the last couple of days poker legend Gus Hansen has posted clips of himself on Instagram outside a courthouse in Copenhagen where he is suing his former friend and business partner, the musician Rasmus Nøhr for 896,000 Kroner (aorund $150,000).

In the first of three clips Hansen recorded himself looking smart in a suit for his first ever court appearance where he says to the camera;

"Standing in front of the court house for my first ever court appearance against my former friend. A wise woman once said, 'Don't mix money and friends', well this time she was right"


Interesting monday morning!

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The dispute dates back to 2015 when Hansen accepted an offer to invest in the Danish music festival "Denmark the Best" which Nøhr set up back in 2012. The pair were both supposed to invest 250,000 Kroner (c.$40,000) into the company, but as costs escalated Hansen loaned the company a further 1.7m Kroner.

Hansen decided to retire from the project in September 2016 and asked for the remainder of the account to be frozen so that the financial balances could be settled as soon as possible. According to Hansen, Nøhr rejected the proposal and by the time the balances were settled, Nøhr had received a personal surplus of 200,000 Kroner "because he transferred the money to himself". Nøhr has argued that he used the money to pay rent and to pay himself as he had "played 22 concerts and worked 16 hours a day"

According to Hansen after "much screaming and shouting" as well as attempted mediation by friends Hansen and Nøhr found themselves at an impasse, and Hansen said enough was enough and decided to pursue his case for compensation through the courts.

In todays Instagram video, Hansen likens his ex-friend to one of his other pet hates, Donald Trump - check it out below:


Court is adjourned!

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Let's hope Gus is soon done with court and back to posting Instagram pics of his sick high stakes games at Bobby's Room!


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