Daniel Negreanu on Poker Sponsorship: "The landscape has changed drastically"

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It didn't take long for Team PokerStars' #1 sponsored player Daniel Negreanu to give his take on the current state of poker sponsorship deals.

According to Negreanu, the landscape has changed drastically since the “golden era", referring to the poker boom when players could get a sponsorship deal relatively easily.

"It’s less about winning events, and more about what you can do to bring new players into the game," Negreanu explained in his post on Twitter. The Canadian pro then added, that the Twitch-streamers have figured out a way to do exactly that in today's enviroment and tagged Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis, a Member of PokerStars Team Pro Online to his post.

Not the whole truth?

However, that doesn't really explain why a total of four high-profile players have already left Team PokerStars this year. For example, Bertrand Grospellier had great ties with the eSports community and also his own Twitch-channel, where he streamed poker to his +53,000 followers.

It looks like there's more to it than Negreanu lead to believe. He might have not read Grospellier's statement published on Twitter, where the French pro quite clearly explained why he was leaving:

But then again, some players have called Grospellier a hypocrite and don't understand why he didn't leave Team PokerStars already earlier, if he was that unhappy with all the changes made by the new management team.

This discussion will almost certainly continue for the foreseeable future and we'll keep you updated.


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