83 year old Poker Player Finally Awarded Red Rock Casino Bad Beat Jackpot

We reported last December that the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) had heard arguments for and against a decision made by the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas to withold payments to players from a $120,000 bad beat jackpot which had been 'won' by 83 year old Mr. Avi Shamir back on 7th July last year.  Last Wednesday (7th Feb) the NGCP ruled in favour of Mr Shamir who has now been paid his share of the six-figure bounty.

Readers may recall that the casino witheld the jackpot after the casino ruled that the 'winner' of the hand in which the jackpot was claimed, Mr Len Schreter had revealed his cards to other players at the table before the hand had been completed, a move which technically invalidated any claim on the bad beat jackpot - the rule in question stating that the company can void a jackpot if there is any communication between players.

The players had already appealed to the NGCB and won a decision against the casino after board investigator Bill Olliges ruled that although Schreter had indeed revealed his cards prior to the action officially finishing for the hand, that his actions did not and could not have in any way altered the result of the hand. Station Casinos appealed this decision however, leading to the aforementioned December 12th hearing in which both sides put forward their arguments once again.

A decision had been expected in early January but delays in the process meant that the case was not ruled on until a board meeting on 7th February. The board upheld the recommendation from NGCB Audit Supervisor Chan Lengsavath who authored a report following the December 12th hearing that suggested Stations Casinos should pay.

9949023_web1_poker As per NGCB Audit Supervisor Chan Lengsavath's recommendations after attending the Dec 12th hearing (above) the NGCB ruled in favour of 83 year old poker player Avi Shamir, awarding him the $62,126 bad beat jackpot

As the case is only referred to as Red Rock Casino Resort Spa v. Avinoam Shamir in the Disposition of the meeting and the result reads, 'HEARING EXAMINER RECOMMENDS: Agent’s decision awarding payment of $62,126 to Avinoam Shamir be affirmed'  it's hard to say what has or will happen to the remainder of the $120,000 bad beat jackpot. The jackpot should be broken down with 50% going to the player who suffered the bad beat (Shamir), 25% to the winner of the hand (Schreter), and 25% to be shared among the other players playing in any of Station Casinos five Las Vegas card rooms at the time of the beat.

It would also appear from the Disposition that Station Casinos have abided by the board's decision as it also states, 'GCB DISPOSITION:PAYMENT AWARDED, PER GCB ORDER.'


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