Fans Not Impressed with Announcement of "Alec Torelli Week" on Live at the Bike

Earlier this week Live at the Bike, the popular live streamed poker web show were excited to announce "Alec Torelli Week" with appearances from the high stakes pro scheduled between 20th and 23rd March. However, the news didn't prompt quite the response that maybe LATB had hoped for...

It's been over a year since Torelli, a former online high stakes player (traheho) turned globetrotting live cash game pro, coach, and poker media content creator appeared on Live at the Bike! - and his actions in the meantime have, let's just say, not exactly endeared him to the poker viewing public.

We are of course talking about Torelli's controversial appearance on Poker Night in America last May when he was accussed of angle shooting Daniel "Clarence" Wolf in a big pot.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, it is alleged that Torelli deliberately obscured his high denomination chips by moving them behind his lesser value chip stacks and therefore out of view from most of the table (it is protocol that you must place your highest denomination chips in full view of the table so that your opponents can make informed decisions when betting against you). Thinking Torelli had far less on the table than he did (Torelli had two $5k chips hidden from view), Wolf went all-in in a hand vs Torelli not realising that by doing so he was committing another $10k to the pot.

Following the broadcast the poker forums went crazy with many backing Torelli by saying it was a genuine mistake, and others calling him a cheater. Things heated up a notch when Doug Polk made a video about the incident to which Torelli recorded a lengthy (and wholly unconvincing) response. In fact, Polk didn't even accuse Torelli of cheating, he actually said he thought it was probably a mistake and focussed more on what should have happened after it was apparent Torelli had more chips. Torelli, however, made such an unconvincing and 'angry' response that he really didn't help his case.

Off of the back of this a far more scathing analysis of the hand was posted on YouTube by ssSuperSoak which makes a rather convincing case for Torelli cheating (see below)

Since the furore came to pass Torelli has been conspicuous by his absence from the poker scene with his vlogs, promotion and general participation in all things poker. To be fair he has been fairly active on the crypto-scene, but perhaps wisely he hasn't been too heavily involved in the poker world - until this week as announced on Live at the Bike's twitter feed:

The reaction on twitter so far hasn't been great for Torelli!

To be fair not all of the replies are negative, there were two tweets defending Torelli including the one below:

That being said, Mike Wiseman is a coach at Torelli's own Conscious Poker training site so he's sure to back Torelli every day of the week.

Whether the resurfacing of this controversy will have a negative impact on Live at the Bike! is yet to be seen, but it is often said that any publicity is good publicity so perhaps Torelli will be asked to act the villain at the table, as he is certainly seems he is going to be cast as one anyway by the poker viewing public...


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