Doug Polk's Crypto-channel Gaining Popularity, Responds to Negreanu

Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk's new cryptocurrency channel has been gaining popularity on YouTube and recently surpassed his poker YouTube channel in total number of subscribers.

Polk published some statistics earlier this week regarding his new cryptocurrency channel, that has grown in rapid pace, gaining already over 175,000 subscribers. It's no wonder that Polk has cut down this year on the poker content he produces:

However, not everyone is pleased the way Polk gets his subscribers. Polk's arch-nemesis, Daniel Negreanu, accused the popular Youtuber recently for creating unnecessary drama just to get views and free advertising for his poker training or cryptocurrency sites.

Not in it just for the views?

True to form, Polk was quick to respond to those allegations on Twitter yesterday. While Polk admitted it's better the more people watch his content, it's not the real reason why he is doing these videos:

Undoubtedly this discussion will continue for some time with American Poker Awards (presented by PokerStars) looming just around the corner, where Polk and Negreanu are both nominees for the "Poker's Biggest Influencer" award.


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