Who are these Mystery Multi-Million Dollar Winners?

In the world of online high stakes poker it's pretty difficult to stay under the radar, especially if you just so happen to be one of the game's biggest winners but somehow a few have (so far) managed to keep their identity a secret, perhaps not from their regular rivals, but certainly from the wider poker watching public.

Keeping your identity under wraps when you're an online poker player doesn't sound too difficult right? After all you're just an avatar on a screen with a made up nickname. However, when you start making the grade at high stakes it becomes a whole lot harder. The ways in which high stakes players are revealed are manifold. Of course most players aren't concerned and will readily offer up their identity without having to be asked. Others inevitably parlay some of their online winnings into live tournament appearances, and if they do well there and it's only a matter of time before somebody joins the dots. Also, the higher stakes you get to the more likely you'll be involved in swapping money from one site to another with your peers, perhaps through an introduction on 2+2 - this has been the way many a real name has been leaked from a previously 'anonymous' online player. Others might have left traces of their identities on old forum accounts or even on twitter.

However, despite the glut of ways that an online pro's identity can be revealed, the following multi-million dollar highstakes heroes still remain 'in the shadows' - or do you know how they really are???

1) Denoking - $3,502,721 (Full Tilt)


Denoking (perhaps better known as 'wilhasha' on PokerStars) is a long-time NLHE specialist from Sweden. We know a little more about this player as he has taken part in the occasional interview, although has never publicly revealed his name. We have a fair idea who it is and it's almost certain his first name is 'Dennis' as the name was bandied around in the Full Tilt chat box on several occasions while he was playing. However, with no cast iron proof of who they are we can't be 100% and as such are reluctant to further air our suspicions.

Whoever they are they are not afraid to mix it up at the highest stakes online both in 6max or heads-up poker. Denoking has a great couple of years at Full Tilt prior to the sites eventually amalgamation into PokerStars, winning over $1.9m in 2013 and over $1.4m in 2014. He also took part in some huge heads-up games vs the likes of Doug "WCGRider" Polk, and made some big money in the 2013/14 "MalACEsia" $400/$800 NLHE 6max games which ran around the appearance of Malaysian entrepreneur Paul "MalACEsia" Phua. During his days at Full Tilt Denoking won hundreds of six figure pots with his biggest ever weighing in at a cool $1/2m



2) EireAbu +$2,591,915 (PokerStars)


The identity of PLO star EireAbu was for a while a highly contested topic. Rumours were abound as far back as EireAbu's breakout year in 2012 that it was either Irish pro Andrew Grimason, Dutch November Niner Jorryt "TheCleaner11" van Hoof, or Jared "Harrington10" Bleznick. Six years later and EireAbu's identity has still never been revealed publicly. Out of the three guesses Bleznick was always the most likely as a) he was the best PLO player of the three and b) Bleznick is rumoured to have multi-accounted on numerous occasions on PokerStars. However, the fact that this ID has never been 'outed' in the same manner as certain other screen names were as being Bleznick suggest that perhaps (on this occasion at least) that Jared may not be the guilty party. Let's hope the Olivier Busquest found out who he was though after the unfortunate incident he tweeted about in 2012 (see below)


3) JayP-AA +$2,582,982 (PokerStars)


All we know about our third 'Mystery Multi-Millionaire" JayP-AA is that he is a PLO hotshot and either comes from or plays from the UK. JayP-AA had his (or her) breakout year on PokerStars in 2015 where they won $2.162m, although at one point after a $2m profit for September JayP-AA's 2015 profit did stand at over $2.8m before an end of year slump. JayP-AA hasn't quite reached those heights since but has managed to end both 2016 and 2017 in the red, earning over $350k in PokerStars high stakes cash games last year. JayP-AA has also got off to a good start in 2018 and is currently up over $1/4m dollars at Stars high-stakes tables.

Now also dabbling with some success on the nosebleed 8-Game streets, JayP-AA is obviously still one of today's big players - does anybody out there know who this mystery millionaire is??


4) BERRI SWEET - $2,443,078


BERRI SWEET is the most recent addition to our list of Mystery Multi-Millionaires, having won the lion's share of his nosebleed profits in 2017 where he was the biggest tracked high stakes winner with a total haul of some $1,769,395.

We do know that BERRI SWEET is yet another mystery Swedish poker phenom, we also know that he was a prolific winner at PokerStars midstakes PLO tables before moving on to dominate the nosebleeeds. Adept at 6max, short-handed and heads-up games, BERRI SWEET is a PLO all-rounder. Much of his huge 2017 haul came from a series of high-profile heads-up matches against veteran US online pro Dani "supernova9" Stern at both the $100/$200 and $200/$400 tables. Shortly after the pair concluded their business Stern announced his retirement as a pro poker player. Whether this had anything to do with the battering he took at the hands of BERRI SWEET we can't say, but it would be unlikely that it didn't play some kind of role in the timing of Stern's departure from full-time poker.

BERRI SWEET is already a six-figure winner so far this year and we've got a feeling the best is yet to come from this as yet unidentified poker phenom. We'd love to put a face (and a name) to the screen name, so let us know if you think you know who this PLO prince might be?


5) azn_baller3 +$2,088,670


While azn_baller3 may not be mixing it up with the best of the best at PokerStars these days, from 2011-2013 the Thai poker prodigy was among the most consistent winners at the nosebleeds earning over $2m while flying largely under the radar. We do know that azn used to be a frustrated mid-stakes limit hold'em player before turning over to PLO and crushing allcomers. Comments on the poker forums along the lines of "who is this azn_baller guy? and how come he never seems to have a losing day?" were commonplace, and yet his name was not readily forthcoming.

While the graph may indicate azn's stagnation over the past three years, we wouldn't read too much into that as since 2013 he has been largely absent from PokerStars high stakes tables only playing an average of 1,000 hands a year from 2014 onwards compared to his highpoint of over 186k high stakes hands played in 2012.

Do you know the identities of any of our Mystery Multi-Million dollar winners? If so drop us a line at info@highstakesdb.com


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