TwoPlusTwo Suspends Winning Poker Network Advertising

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TwoPlusTwo poker forum has suspended advertising from the Winning Poker Network (WPN) due to recent accusations of cheating and bots.

Several online poker players have been raising their concerns about WPN's late tournament registration procedure, bots, possible super users, and other possible collusion.

The Winning Poker Network's decision to not address any of the allegations floating around has now forced the popular poker forum TwoPlusTwo to suspend their advertising with the US-facing poker network.

According to TwoPlusTwo owner Mason Malmuth, the decision was made after their e-mail to WPN addressing the player's concerns were left unanswered:

According to many posters on our site, some problems have developed on Winning Poker Network and we in Two Plus Two management agree that they need to be addressed.

So, to this end, on Saturday February 24, we sent their CEO Phil Nagy an email letter where we addressed four issues: late tournament registration (which we now understand has been addressed), bots, possible super users, and other possible collusion. We also made some suggestions as to how some of these issues could be addressed.

As of the time of this writing, March 1, 2018, we have not heard back from them and have decided to take the following action. Two Plus Two Interactive LLC will not accept any more advertising from Winning Poker Network and their sub-forum will be closed. Of course, this can all change if we do get a positive response from Winning Poker Network and they still want to advertise with us.


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