When the Poker Brat met the Poker Cat in Vlogger Brad Owen's Cat Rap Video

Poker players in rap videos are nothing new; Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies has appeared in a couple of rap videos including this one by Teflon Brothers in 2015 while fellow high stakes cash game pro Prahlad Friedman has written and performed a number of rap tunes under his rap-name "Pragress". However, we're pretty sure that there has never been a rap video starring a poker playing cat - until now.

"Cosmo" is the pet cat of poker vlogger Brad Owen and is the star of a somewhat bizarre rap video in which this funky feline spits outs some sassy rhymes detailing his illustrious career at the tables. What is even more bizarre is that Owen somehow managed to employ the services of the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Doug Polk, 2017 WSOP Main Event champ Scott Blumstein and fellow poker vlogger Andrew Neeme to star alongside Cosmo in the 5 minute video (see below).

Cosmo opens up by tipping a nod to Luke "Fullflush1" Schwartz by repeatedly telling the listener "I beast everything" then proceeding to brag about his skills for at the table for several verses before the aforementioned pros get a chance to chip in and comment on their own experiences playing Cosmo.

Andrew Neeme confesses that although he and Cosmo started out together that the cat "Just flew through the stakes" while Polk confirms that "Cosmo and I played tons, we'd battle back and forth all the time back in the day", and Hellmuth seems aghast that he was bluffed by a cat who then proceeded to drink milk at the poker table. Blumstein,  meanwhile, admits that Cosmo is a great poker player but that "he has a bit of an ego to him. He is a great poker player but he's always bragging about how purrfect he is."

The best line probably goes to Polk, however, who reveals that after bluffing him off a bit pot in Bobby's Room that Cosmo proceeded to take a nap under the table and asks the question, "I mean WHO takes a nap in Bobby's Room? apart from Doyle Brunson".

Check out the video in full above.


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