Unibet Ambassadors Vlog "1 Year 1 Million" Begins Friday

Unibet Ambassador Espen Uhlen Jorstad will be vlogging his poker and life experiences over the next 12 months as he and two poker buddies attempt to earn €1m through poker and crypto

Unibet Ambassadors Espen Uhlen and Rauno Tahvonen, along with their housemate Rauno Kiviloo have set themselves an ambitious goal, namely to earn €1,000,000 in a year by playing poker and investing their profits in cryptocurrency. What's more, Unibet have announced that the entire journey will be played out as a new poker vlog series laucnching on Friday 9th march titled '1 Year 1 Million'.

In what will be a huge committment, the three online grinders will be updating the vlog every Wednesday and Friday for the entire year, sharing their profits/losses on a weekly basis for complete transparency. The transparency doesn't just apply to their poker lives but also their real lives as, in their own words, "There will be downswings, in both life and poker". As well as grinding for weeks on end in Taallin, Estonia, the three friends also travel the world together playing poker as well as "living life to the full". You can get a taste for what the challenge is all about in this YouTube teaser.

The name "1 Year 1 Million" obviously tips a nod to the now legendary original poker reality series, "2 Months, 2 Million" which featured high stakes pros Emil "Whitelime" Patel, Jay "pr1nnyraid" Rosenkrantz, Dani "Ansky" Stern, and Brian "flawless_victory" Roberts sharing a house in Vegas in the summer of 2009 attempting to earn $2m over the summer (they fell some way short at $676,700).

Although the Unibet team's target may not seem as ambitious in reality it is just as tough. For one thing these guys are not going to be playing the nosebleed stakes played in 2 Months 2 Million. In fact, if they are to play the full challenge on Unibet (there are no details on whether this is the case or not) then since the decision to axe the €400/€800 and €800/€1600 games at the start of this year, the highest stakes they'll be able to play will be €2/€4 - meaning they'd need to win a staggering 2,500 buy-ins to hit the target!

Saying that, perhaps they are crypto-wizards and can turn relatively meagre profits into mountains of cash? Either way it will certainly be interesting to follow their progress over the next 12 months!

You can check out the vlogs as they are published here at the 1 Year 1 Million YouTube channel, and be sure to subscribe to the channel to get notifications of the most recent updates


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