Ben "Bttech86/Ben86" Tollerene's 5 Biggest Pots

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Today we're going to take a look through our archives and dig out the five biggest pots won by one of the biggest winners in the history of online poker, Ben Tollerene. Under his Full Tilt (Bttech86) and PokerStars (Ben86) screen names he was won close to $11.5m in just the high stakes cash games we've tracked, as well as another $8.5m through online and live tournament scores.

A few stats from the pots you're about to see; Three of the five were won against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, four of the five took place at Full Tilt, three were played at PLO, two at NLHE, stakes played were $200/$400, $250/$500, and $400/$800, and they all took place over a 15 month period between October 2012 and January 2014.

5) $283,696, Bttech86 vs Isildur1, 22nd January 2014 - $400/$800 PLO at Full Tilt

This is the most recent of Tollerene's big pots played out during a great day for the Texan pro in which he won over $600k, with Viktor "Isildur1" Blom bearing the brunt of it. Bttech86 is happy to 5-bet Isildur1 preflop with two suited aces in his hand, while Isildur1 also has a double suited hand with one to an ace. With over $150k in the pot preflop it was always likely that the money would all go in on the flop given the stack sizes. When it comes the flop actually slightly favours Isildur1 who makes top pair with the nut-flush draw and some backdoor straight draws against Bttech86 who holds an overpaid to the board, a gutshot straight draw, and a backdoor flush draw. Inevitably the money goes in and Bttech86 manages to scoop on both runs of the turn and river, completing his backdoor flush on the first run, and having his Aces hold up on the second.

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4) $290,157, Bttech86 vs Hac "trex313" Dang, 5th March 2013 -$250/$500 PLO at Full Tilt

The only pot played at a full 6max table and the action folds to Bttech86 who raises from the button, the small blind folds but trex313 in the big blind 3bets and receives a call. trex313 check-calls bets from Bttech86 on both the flop and the turn before deciding to lead on the river with a strange 25% pot bet. He is check-raised by Bttech86 to $111k and calls, only to have his hand mucked when Bttech86 reveals a rivered top full-house to take the pot.

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3) $303,854, Ben86 vs Ilari FIN & Hac "1Il|1Il|1il|" Dang, 28th October 2012 - $200/$400 PLO at PokerStars

The oldest pot of the five, and also the only one played over at PokerStars, this took place during what had been a crazy week at the $200/$400 PLO tables in which Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahames managed to win $2.2m. This wasn't such a good pot for the Finnish pro however. Things begin with a raised pot going three-ways to a flop which manages to give everybody a piece of the action. The (relatively) short-stacked Hac Dang flopped top two pairs with a Jack high flush draw, Ben86 flops the nut-flush draw and two straight draws, while Ilari FIN flops a King high flush draw with an overpair (kings). Dang bets the pot, Ben86 calls and Ilari raises full pot causing Dang to move all-in for $36k and Ben86 to overshove to $130k. Ilari makes the call and goes into the lead when a King on the turn gives him top-set, only for the river to bring the 3 of spades to complete one of Ben86's flush draws to take this $303.9k pot.

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2) $310,200, Bttech86 vs Isildur1, 16th July 2013 - $400/$800 NLHE at Full Tilt

Although this is the second biggest pot of Ben Tollerene's online poker career, it came on a day where he ended up losing over $300k after being comprehensively beaten by Isildur1. However, he was actually down a lot more than $300k at one point and this pot came during his recovery period. Not much too say about the pot itself as Bttech86 continuation bets with Ace high on the flop, hits his Ace on the turn and continues to bet on the turn and river despite his low kicker. Even more surprisingly he is called down all the way by Isildur1 whose hand remains unknown as it is mucked after Bttech's hand is revealed as the winner.

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1) $376,215, Bttech86 vs Isildur1, 16th July 2013 - $400/$800 NLHE at Full Tilt

It seems strange that both Ben Tollerene's biggest ever online pots took place on a day where he made a substantial six-figure loss but that is indeed the case as this pot came from the same NLHE match as the previous one. What's even more strange is that this pot went down at almost exactly the same time as the last one but at a different table. Despite Bttech86 flopping a flush draw and a pair with a gutshot straight draw and then turning an open-ended straight draw, Isildur1's pair of 8's still leads and is a 2:1 favourite going into the river. Bttech86 had check-raised the flop and lead out on the turn before Isildur1 shoved over the top. Bttech86 makes the call and the Ace of diamonds on the river completes a wheel draw for Bttech86 who pulls in the biggest pot of his online career.

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