JayP-AA Wins $121,960 at PLO

There was a big win at PokerStars high stakes PLO tables yesterday for British regular JayP-AA who ended the day with an impressive $121,960 profit from the $50/$100 PLO tables.

Normally a six-figure win at the $50/$100 6max tables would take several hours and a decent amount of run-good but it took JayP-AA just an hour and a half of play yesterday morning to rack up a full 12 buy-in profit from just 160 hands played across two tables.

Most of JayP-AA's profit came from table Skuld II where he earned $111,427 from 139 hands played against the likes of EEE27, Cobus83, Trueteller, libby493, and Zagalo87. JayP-AA was also able to win the days' two biggest pots from his time at table Skuld II.

After some heavy betting preflop between JayP-AA and libby493 the former is happy to get all his money in on the flop with his pair of Kings in the hole. The spewy libby493 makes the call with nothing but a gutshot straight draw and inevitably this $110.4k pot goes to JayP-AA


The second biggest pot of the day was very similar to the first. Once again there was a lot of preflop betting between JayP-AA and libby493, with JayP-AA once again holding a big pocket pair while libby493 just has a suited ace. Also, as in the previous hand shown both players are happy to get it all in on a flop of low cards, two of which are paired. Once again JayP-AA is a big favourite and ends up taking the entire $95,209 pot.


Yesterday's second biggest winner with a $38,306 profit from just 19 hands played at a single tables of $50/$100 NLHE was CooL1992 who played alongside Luke "Bit2Easy" Reeves, ZarubaNT, limitless, Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger, and libby493. CooL1992 made the majority of his profit from a pot played heads-up against Bit2Easy.

Bit2Easy thinks the Jack on the turn is his ticket to a big pot but he runs into kicker problems against CooL1992 who is able to stack his opponent after check-raising the turn - $48.8k pot


In third place on yesterday's leaderboard we find German pro Oliver "sk2ll_m0dR" Weis who put in five hours early yesterday morning at the $50/$100 PLO tables on his way to a $36,288 profit from 277 hands played, and completing yesterday's top four winners is Swiss NLHE phenom Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger who turned a $28,973 profit from a busy morning table hopping between multiple $25/$50 and $50/$100 tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

JayP-AA +$121,960

CooL1992 +$38,306

sk2ll_m0dR +$36,288

LLinusLLove +$28,983

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