Antonio Esfandiari Makes Dumb Call on Poker After Dark - Wins $283k Pot

Last week on Poker After Dark a pro/celebrity line-up gave Antonio Esfandiari a great opportunity to turn a decent profit facing off against gamble happy non-pros in a juicy $50/$100 NLHE cash game. He did end up winning huge - but his biggest profit came after a big slice of luck after making the sort of decision you'd expect from an amateur with too much money!

The pro/celeb week, entitled "Moving Violation" saw Esfandiari as a permanent fixture in the cash games alongside Tilly, actor Don Cheadle, and producer Randall Emmett with a supporting cast of rotating players making up the numbers.

By the time the hand in question took place Esfandiari already had quite the stack with over $370k and he had got himself involved in a three way pot with Don Cheadle {a-Spades} {10-Diamonds}and Jennifer Tilly {a-Diamonds}{a-Clubs} with a flop of {8-Clubs}{a-Hearts}{10-Clubs} holding just {q-Clubs}{J-Hearts}.

The pot was under $16k preflop before Tilly, having flopped top set, threw in a $10k bet which was matched by Esfandiari and bumped up to $43,500 by Cheadle with top two pairs. Tilly thought a while before going all in for $94k. Cheadle was by this point pot committed with just $16k behind while Antonio had only invested $15k, and would need to pay another $94k to see the last two community cards with just a double belly buster straight draw. It was very obvious Antonio was behind and to be fair to "The Magician" he obviously just decided he wanted a gamble so he called - with just 26% equity definitely not a GTO play. Let's see what happened next...

So it was a sick beat indeed for Jennifer Tilly who seemed to take the beat in her strid as Esfandiari pushed his stack over the $500,000 mark after scooping the $283k pot, although Don Cheadle looked remarkably unhappy over his $65k loss for a man who commands millions of dollars a movie.

In another hand during the week Esfandiari, who is good friends with Tilly through her relationship with his best buddy Phil Laak took down a small but quite amusing pot by bluffing her off a pot she had nailed with a huge overbet. Tilly even seemed to know there was no way she could lose the pot but still managed to find a fold

No doubt Antonio has seen this quite extraordinarily passive piece of play by Tilly against Patrik Antonius during the initial incarnation of Poker After Dark back in 2007 - look out for Phil Ivey's incredulous expression!


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