_Myst_ left the table with $487 987

Like we wrote earlier _Myst_ is back on the $200/400 tables and the latest days we have seen him sitting out with a very nice stack. He have played 6 sessions over these day and have won from players like lucypucy, BillyFury, Dadovic, tunaeatr, LrsLzk and some other players, here is the largest hand each day:

2007-04-13, 74o, $148k pot
2007-04-14, 34o, $88k pot
2007-04-15, 53o, $92k pot

$481 122k (+$394k)

_Myst_ was probably trying to reach a $500k stack but today five player joined the table and made _Myst_ removed, probably because that he had been sitting out to long on the table, not sure about this but still a kinda wierd situation ;) The railbirds got pretty upset and complained that they just did this to remove his monster stack.

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