Phil Hellmuth Now Involved in Start-up Crypto-Business

BlitzPredict is run by former poker pro Brett Richey

Phil Hellmuth is nothing if not versatile - some might even say ubiquitious. Looks like the Poker Brat has added yet another string to his bow which has been relatively overlooked so far this year, and that is his role as 'advisor' to the recently launched global aggregator of betting markets "BlitzPredict"

BlitzPredict is run by CEO and former professional poker player Brett Richey and is essentially a portal which is continuously scanning the markets for sports betting, crypto, eSports etc etc for the best prices in any marketplace at any given time.

BlitzPredict is on the blockchain and as such all information shared is visible to all parties meaning that users can be guaranteed total transparency. The site launched earlier this year and is set to release its beta platform in the next month and having already raised several million dollars from their ICO there is plenty of liquidity for bettors to get paid out.

Above: BlitzPredict 'Advisor' Phil Hellmuth discusses the merits of the blockchain aggregatorwith CEO and former poker pro Brett Richey

We can't imagine Phil Hellmuth is overly clued in on the merits of blockchain to the extent that he could possibly advise on the crypto side of things. One thing Mr Hellmuth most certainly does have, however, is a huge fanbase among a group of people who perfectly fit the target-market for BlitzPredict - namely poker players, fans, and gamblers in general. Hellmuth appears on BlitzPredicts's list of advisors as "Phil Hellmuth - Professional Poker Player", although interestingly the other recognisable face/name to poker afficianados on the list of advisors is Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen who is given the far more business-like title of "Chris Hunichen - Expert in Investor Relations & Strategic Partners"

This certainly isn't the first time Phil Hellmuth has been hired as a mouthpiece for a company involved in the sports betting industry; just last month Hellmuth was announced as an "Ambassador and advisor" to the integrated sports crowdfunding platform, YouStake. Interestingly enough part of Hellmuth's brief was apparently to focus on business expansion including blockchain development and a potential Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Phil Hellmuth has been hitting the headlines even more consistently than usual over the past few months. As well as his poker wins against Doug "WCGRider" Polk and Daniel "Jungleman" Cates in the televised Poker Night in America "King of the Hill" competition, he has also successfully released two books - his autobiography "Poker Brat" which came out last August, and more recently "Positivity - You Are Always in the Right Place At The Right Time" which was released to largely positive reviews back in January this year.

Hellmuth has also managed to add more than $1m in live tourney winnings since the release of Poker Brat including $364,370 for narrowly missing out on his first WPT Main Event victory in last year's WPT Legend of Poker tourney.


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