Gus Hansen on the Poker Life Podcast

The new king of Instagram, Gus Hansen, joined recently Joey Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast to talk about his high stakes poker world, his million dollar swings over the years, his future plans & much more.

After a brief hiatus, Hansen has returned back to the poker scene playing high-stakes cash games around the world.

Hansen's return has not disappointed the poker fans and although The Great Dane has been playing primarily live poker games, he's been updating his games on his official Instagram-account, that has been gaining followers at rapid pace with already well over 15,000 followers.


Made a podcast with the great @papigto - check it out on his youtube channel

Henkilön Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen) jakama julkaisu

Poker Life Podcast

According to Hansen, we will be seeing him even more playing on the live poker scene this upcoming summer and going forward. Check out the podcast in full from here:


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