Jaime & Matt Staples Embark on Ultimate Sweat 2.0 - 9.9% Bodyfat for $150,000

"Anothe bet guys?" - Serial prop-bettor Bill Perkins is risking another $150,000 in his latest wager against the Staples brothers which will see them attempt to get down to 9.9% bodyfat within a year

As if dedicating an entire 12 months of their lives in order to win their crazy weightloss/gain prop bet with hedge fund boss Bill "GASTRADER" Perkins wasn't enough, poker streamer brothers Jaime and Matt Staples have now placed a 3-1 wager with Perkins (their $50k to his $150k) that they will both reach 9.9% bodyfat within a year.

Less than three weeks after the brothers won the $150k from Bill Perkins for managing to bridge a huge 169lb weight difference in just twelve months (Jaime and Matt started at 304lb and 135lb respectively and both ended at 188.3lb) Perkins has managed to persuade the Staples boys to engage in this latest insane prop-bet - and by the looks of the timestamps on the tweets from Perkins offer and Jaime's official acceptance it took less than an hour and a half to come to an agreement on the bet.

At 12.26pm (8.26pm UK time in case you're wondering about the timestamp!) Perkins fired out:

Soon after the tweet went out Matt called his brother to discuss. Obviously they weren't happy with the "double of nothing" part of the bet so managed to get odds of 3:1 and before 2pm they had agreed to bet, and set both the odds and the conditions of the bet.

While this bet won't involve either party having to lose or gain nearly as much weight as they needed to during the first bet, getting below 10% bodyfat is still going to be a hell of a tough ask for the Staples brothers, although they have certainly proven beyond doubt that they can give a sustained committment to a cause.

And, according to a short video Matt (who is already looking markedly less chubby than he did at the end of the last bet) has put up on YouTube this evening, he has already been working hard to lose bodyfat these past two weeks and will use this bet as additional motivation.

Whether the brothers will once again be working with trainer Mike Vacanti hasn't been mentioned as yet, although it would come as a big surprise if the fitness guru didn't play a part in proceedings considering that his expertise guided Jaime and Matt safely to victory last time out


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