Leon Tsoukernik Files Once Again for Counterclaim Against Matt Kirk

"What did I do?" 1978 WSOP Main Event Champ Bobby Baldwin has been embroiled in the Tsoukernik vs Kirk court cases after allegedly backing Matt Kirk during his games vs the Czech casino boss at the Ar

Back in February this year Leon Tsoukernik had his $10m counterclaim against Aussie high stakes pro Matt Kirk thrown out of court by Clark County District Court Judge Linda Bell, but the Czech casino boss is not one to take defeat lightly and it has been revealed that last week he filed more court documents looking to amend his original counterclaim.

Originally Matt Kirk had filed suit against Tsoukernik after the casino boss borrowed $3m from Kirk during a late night high stakes heads-up session at the Aria, which he then lost before refusing to pay back $2m of the loan.Tsoukernik's counterclaim was based on his assertion that both the Aria and Kirk had conspired against him, got him drunk and also took advantage of his "extreme fatigue".

However, Judge Bell dismissed Tsoukernik's claim and ordered him to pay Kirk's legal bills, although Kirk's legal attempt at regaining the borrowed money was also rejected on the grounds that it was an "unenforceable gambling debt".

Tsoukernik's legal team have now submitted more papers with the court citing an “opportunity to amend his counterclaim based on the additional facts he received" and that, “Any final award of attorney’s fees based on Kirk’s motion to dismiss should await a final determination of this matter after discovery, further motion practice, and trial,”

Rob_Yong Above: British casino boss and high stakes poker player Rob Yong has already offered his take on the ongoing Tsoukernik vs Kirk $3m debt controversy, having played witness to the initial negotiations and settlements made at the time

Tsoukernik is also looking to have his case revisited on the grounds of a "conspiracy" that occured after the poker game, during the period in which Tsoukernik and Kirk were alleged to have been discussing a settlement on the debt. The crux of Tsoukernik's argument centres on Kirk being bankrolled by by a team which includes poker legend Bobby Baldwin who “back Kirk and other professional poker players to play against Aria casino ‘whale’ patrons.”

Leon is also alleging that Kirk had initially offered to settle the debt for $2m and to play again for the remaining $1m but was told by his backer “believed to be Baldwin of the Aria,” to renege on the deal. With Baldwin's position within the Aria, this could potentially be seen a conspiracy between the casino and Kirk against Leon.

As it transpired Tsoukernik was so incensed at Kirk reneging on a deal on which the pair had shaken hands that he refused to even payback $2m and eventually just repaid $1m. Interestingly UK casino boss Rob Yong received a joint call from Leon and Matt at the cage at the Rio when the $1m was being paid to Kirk with Leon saying that the $1m was being taken as a full and final settlement to which Matt told Yong "Yes, it's fine we are all settled, I want to move on".

At present Kirk vs Tsoukernik is scheduled to see the inside of a courtroom in April 2019


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