Scuba Divers Stumble Upon Underwater Poker Game

Scuba diving can be a voyage of discovery with divers getting up close and personal with all manner of colourful and majestic forms of marine life, coral reefs, even abandoned shipwrecks and possibly even buried treasure? However, one thing you certainly don't expect to find on the ocean bed is a poker game in full swing - but that's exactly what a couple of Egyptian divers came across during a recent whilst exploring the depths off the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

The sub-aqua grinders were spotted by experienced local diver Vital Bazarov and a friend. Bazarov said of his bizarre discovery;

“We were at a depth of around eight metres when me and my dive buddy, having already finished our dive, were already on our way back to the surface, when met this group of divers."

The poker playering friends had laid a mat down on the ocean floor and each had a stash of cash and an oxygen tank by their sides as they played stud at 2.5 atmospheres below the surface. As they continued their game Bazarov asked the players if he could film their game. He continued,

'They were quite experienced divers and as you can see on the video it is possible to play poker underwater, but it's important to keep an eye on air in the tank'

One thing the pictures don't tell us, however - who was the fish and who was the shark?

Veteran's Poker Game at Bottom of Las Vegas Aquarium

While we've never heard of a game of poker being played on the ocean bed, we have previously reported on an underwater poker game which took place at the Silverton Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas two and half years ago to celebrate Veterans Day and to raise awareness for the non-profit Dive Alliance.


The 117,000 gallon aquarium added a dealer and a couple of Utah based veterans playing poker to the usual mix of over 4,000 sharks, stingrays and tropical fish back on 11th November 2015.


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