The Global Poker Championships Presents The $1.25m Rattlesnake Open

So far the Global Poker Championships have proved to he a huge success with both the Eagle Cup and the Grizzly Games proving wildly popular with North American players, so hopes are high for the Championships third leg, the 2018 "Rattlesnake Open" which promises more than $1,250,000 in real cash prizes to be won between Monday 30th April and Sunday 20th May.

The Rattlesnake Open comprises 135 Championship Events, and as ever there will be a variety of game-types (NLHE, FLHE and PLO) and formats to suit all tastes including 6max, 4max, Turbo, Big Ante, Double Chance, Deepstacks, rebuys, and Ante-up tourneys.

There's even a $weeps Cash (SC) $5,000 freeroll to kick things off open to all players, old and new, which will take place at 2pm (ET) on Sunday 29th April, the day before the championships begin in earnest.

Global Poker Championships Biggest Ever Tournament

The Rattlesnake Open has tournies to suit every budget from as little as SC$3.30 up to SC$218 for the Main Event (High). With a SC$100,000 guaranteed prize-pool the Main Event (High) is the biggest tournament ever to be featured at a Global Poker Championship Event. Players without the bank-roll to enter directly will get plenty of opportunities to satellite into the Main Event as well as other tournaments from as little as SC$0.55.


During the Rattlesnake Open three versions of the same tournament(s) with different buy-ins (low, medium, and high) will run each and every day meaning that every player will get the opportunity to play every game-type and format at a price which suits them.

Champions Packs & Hometown Heroes

As with the Eagle Cup and the Grizzly Games, all event winners will become the proud recipient of a ridiculously oversized trophy delivered to their door alongside a bag of swag containing hats, t-shirts and a few other new goodies.

Once the winning players have received their GP swag they can earn additional $weeps Cash by taking part in the ever popular "Hometown Heroes" promotion which runs throughout the Rattlesnake Open. By sharing photos of themselves wearing their newly acquired Global Poker gear on GP's social media channels, event winners can earn anything from SC$20 up to SC$1,000 depending on the heroic challenge they undertake. Check out full details of the Hometown Heroes promotion here

Win the Chance to Represent Global Poker at a Live Event

Play consistently well and you'll have a chance to win a $5,000 package to a live event of your choice where you will represent Global Poker in the field. This outstanding package includes up to $3,500 in tourney fees and $1,500 for travel, accommodation and expenses and will be awarded to whoever tops the $15,000 prize leaderboard at the conclusion of the three week poker-fest.

Win the $5k package and you could end up following in the footsteps of the two previous Global Poker Championship leaderboard winners, Nathan "penta" Blair and Sandra "MommyGingery" Lefler, who both cashed in their chosen events, and both ended up with more than the cost of the $5k package in their back pockets. Blair earned $5,627 for finishing 34th out of 957 entrants in the WSOP Cicuit Cherokee Main Event last December, while Lefler parlayed her package into $7,305 after cashing in two events at this March's Wynn Classic in Las Vegas. Lefler finished 13/157 in a $400k NLHE tourney for $1,085 and followed this up by coming 47th from 984 entrants in the $1m GTD Main Event for another $6,218.


Above: Check out the two previous Global Poker Championship Leaderboard winners Nathan Blair and Sandra Lefler sporting the gear they wore whilst successfully representing GP on the live stage

If you think you're capable of joining Nathan and Sandra as winning Global Poker ambassadors and want to play at the only poker site which offers real cash prizes legally throughout North America then get started today at Global Poker, America's fastest growing poker room.

Check out the entire Rattlesnake Open $weeps Cash Tournament schedule below

Date Time (ET) Event Buy-in Guarantee
Sun Apr 29 2:00 PM Rattlesnake Open: $5,000 FREEROLL $0 $5,000
Mon Apr 30 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 01-L: NLHE [6-Max] $11 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 01-M: NLHE [6-Max] $33 $5,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE [6-Max] $110 $10,000
Tue May 1 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 02-L: NLHE [2R1A] $5.50 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 02-M: NLHE [2R1A] $22 $7,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 02-H: NLHE [2R1A] $55 $12,500
Wed May 2 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 03-L: PLO [6-Max] $11 $2,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 03-M: PLO [6-Max] $33 $3,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 03-H: PLO [6-Max] $55 $5,000
Thu May 3 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 04-L: NLHE [Rebuy, 4-Max] $3.30 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 04-M: NLHE [Rebuy, 4-Max] $11 $7,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 04-H: NLHE [Rebuy, 4-Max]] $33 $12,500
Fri May 4 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 05-L: NLHE [Turbo] $11 $2,500
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 05-M: NLHE [Turbo] $33 $4,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 05-H: NLHE [Turbo] $110 $7,500
Sat May 5 3:15 PM Rattlesnake 06-L: NLHE [1R1A] $5.50 $2,500
  3:45 PM Rattlesnake 06-M: NLHE [1R1A] $11 $4,000
  4:15 PM Rattlesnake 06-H: NLHE [1R1A] $33 $7,000
  8:30 PM Rattlesnake 07-L: NLHE [Big Ante] $11 $2,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 07-M: NLHE [Big Ante] $33 $3,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 07-H: NLHE [Big Ante] $55 $5,000
Sun May 6 3:00 PM Rattlesnake 08-L: NLHE [Deep] $22 $7,500
  4:15 PM Rattlesnake 08-M: NLHE [Deep] $110 $20,000
  5:30 PM Rattlesnake 08-H: NLHE [Deep] $218 $50,000
  8:30 PM Rattlesnake 09-L: NLHE [1R1A, 6-Max] $5.50 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 09-M: NLHE [1R1A, 6-Max] $22 $7,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 09-H: NLHE [1R1A, 6-Max] $55 $12,500
Mon May 7 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 10-L: NLHE [2x-Chance] $11 $4,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 10-M: NLHE [2x-Chance] $33 $6,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 10-H: NLHE [2x-Chance] $110 $10,000
Tue May 8 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 11-L: NLHE [1R1A, Turbo] $5.50 $2,500
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 11-M: NLHE [1R1A, Turbo] $22 $6,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 11-H: NLHE [1R1A, Turbo] $55 $10,000
Wed May 9 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 12-L: NLHE $11 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 12-M: NLHE $33 $5,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 12-H: NLHE $110 $10,000
Thu May 10 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 13-L: FLHE $11 $2,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 13-M: FLHE $33 $3,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 13-H: FLHE $55 $4,000
Fri May 11 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 14-L: NLHE [2R1A, 4-Max] $5.50 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 14-M: NLHE [2R1A, 4-Max] $22 $7,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 14-H: NLHE [2R1A, 4-Max] $55 $12,500
Sat May 12 3:15 PM Rattlesnake 15-L: NLHE [1R1A] $5.50 $2,500
  3:45 PM Rattlesnake 15-M: NLHE [1R1A] $11 $4,000
  4:15 PM Rattlesnake 15-H: NLHE [1R1A] $33 $7,000
  8:30 PM Rattlesnake 16-L: NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max] $3.30 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 16-M: NLHE [Rebuy, 6-Max] $11 $7,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 16-H: NLHE[Rebuy, 6-Max] $33 $12,500
Sun May 13 3:00 PM Rattlesnake 17-L: NLHE [Deep] $22 $7,500
  4:15 PM Rattlesnake 17-M: NLHE [Deep] $110 $20,000
  5:30 PM Rattlesnake 17-H: [Deep] $218 $50,000
  8:30 PM Rattlesnake 18-L: NLHE [Turbo, 6-Max] $11 $2,500
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 18-M: NLHE [Turbo, 6-Max] $33 $4,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 18-H: NLHE [Turbo, 6-Max] $110 $7,500
Mon May 14 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 19-L: NLHE [Rebuy] $3.30 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 19-M: NLHE [Rebuy] $11 $7,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 19-H: NLHE [Rebuy] $33 $12,500
Tue May 15 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 20-L: NLHE [Ante Up] $11 $2,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 20-M: NLHE [Ante Up] $33 $3,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 20-H: NLHE [Ante Up] $55 $5,000
Wed May 16 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 21-L: NLHE [1R1A] $5.50 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 21-M: NLHE [1R1A] $22 $7,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 21-H: NLHE [1R1A] $55 $12,500
Thu May 17 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 22-L: NLHE [4-Max] $11 $3,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 22-M: NLHE [4-Max] $33 $5,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 22-H: NLHE [4-Max] $110 $10,000
Fri May 18 8:30 PM Rattlesnake 23-L: PLO [1R1A] $5.50 $2,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 23-M: PLO [1R1A] $11 $3,500
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 23-H: PLO [1R1A] $33 $5,000
Sat May 19 3:15 PM Rattlesnake 24-L: NLHE [1R1A] $5.50 $2,500
  3:45 PM Rattlesnake 24-M: NLHE [1R1A] $11 $4,000
  4:15 PM Rattlesnake 24-H: NLHE [1R1A] $33 $7,000
  8:30 PM Rattlesnake 25-L: NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max] $11 $4,000
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 25-M: NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max] $33 $6,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 25-H: NLHE [2x-Chance, 6-Max] $110 $10,000
Sun May 20 3:00 PM Rattlesnake 26-L: Main Event NLHE [Deep] $22 $15,000
  4:15 PM Rattlesnake 26-M: Main Event NLHE [Deep] $110 $40,000
  5:30 PM Rattlesnake 26-H: Main Event NLHE [Deep] $218 $100,000
  8:30 PM Rattlesnake 27-L: NLHE [2R1A, Turbo] $5.50 $2,500
  9:00 PM Rattlesnake 27-M: NLHE [2R1A, Turbo] $22 $6,000
  9:30 PM Rattlesnake 27-H: NLHE [2R1A, Turbo] $55 $10,000



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