PokerGo Owner's Bizarre $20 Million Lawsuit Makes Headlines

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According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Cary Katz, a Las Vegas billionaire and an avid poker player has filed a $20 million lawsuit against CRTV LLC.

What makes it a interesting story is the fact that Katz is actually a part-owner of CRTV (Conservative Review TV), and the company is said to own brands like Poker Central, which provides the PokerGO live-streaming service.

According to the lawsuit, Katz is trying to get his $20 million loan back from the company:

"The lawsuit alleges that CRTV, through manager Elizabeth Wood, agreed in July to repay a principal sum of $10 million, along with 5 percent annual interest. It claims Wood executed a second promissory note in January with the same terms. This month Katz issued 'a written demand for payment,' and the company informed Mr. Katz that it would not be able to perform its obligation," Las Vegas Review-Journal writes.

The lawsuit has been already discussed on poker forums like TwoPlusTwo, where some posters claimed that this lawsuit might be actually part of a bigger feud involving former CRTV radio host:

"In early 2017, shortly after CRTV launched, Mark Steyn (one of the 3 original hosts on CRTV) and CRTV had a falling out and Mark Steyn was let go. According to this article, it sounds like this lawsuit is an attempt by Katz to avoid having to pay Mark Steyn. From what I can tell, Im not sure it has much to do with PokerGo," user DrSayre wrote.

Whatever the lawsuit is about, it remains to be seen will it have any major affect on Poker Central and/or PokerGO.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal


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