Run It Once Poker to allow HUDs only at Nosebleed Stakes

After announcing his poker site would be opening for cash games this summer, Phil Galfond has released some additional new details regarding his upcoming online poker site.

The two main things in Galfond's new blog post are that Run It Once Poker will not allow HUDs and players will be playing anonymously.

According to Galfond this is made to protect the recreational players, who could be exploited with HUDs. However, HUDs will not be banned from the nosebleed stakes, a decision Galfond will explain later more:

"As mentioned in my first update post, we will have a nosebleed stakes offering that is different from the rest of our games. One of those differences will lie in our HUD restrictions. For a number of reasons, without going into detail just yet, we didn’t believe we could do enough to disincentivize HUD use within the structure of that offering to make banning HUDs a fair policy for those games," Galfond explains.

Unlike on many other poker sites that offer anonymous playing, players on Run It Once Poker will have fictional names instead of numbers:

On Run It Once, your opponents will have names instead of numbers. This way, you can remember opponents more easily, and you can say things like “OMG. Damon just rivered another flush... Unbelievable.”
You’ll more easily notice if seat 2 leaves the table and is replaced by a new seat 2, because Simon T will be replaced by Meredith R, for example.
If Simon T comes back after eating dinner, he will still be Simon T, and you will still have the notes you took on him. Table Aliases are more like temporary IDs than a collection of faceless numbers.
With Table Aliases, we’ve eliminated the potential advantage of players accumulating and analyzing hands you’ve played via datamining. We’ve also eliminated the possibility of your results being made public without your consent. This system also plays a role in reducing bumhunting (the practice of searching for and targeting weaker players) and tables breaking when an individual player quits.

To see what else Galfond has planned for his Run It Once Poker, read the full blog post from here.


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