Jason Koon in Crazy €2million Hand

You have just lost a €1.8million pot, the biggest-ever in televised poker history, and you are surrounded by the most legendary names in the game – Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey watching on as you immediately find yourself involved in another massive pot brewing!

By: Andrew Burnett

That was what Jason Koon faced as he had some incredibly tough decisions to make against Asian highstakes crusher Elton Tsang in the €1million buy-in cash game in Montenegro – a wet dream for poker fans everywhere, which also included Patrik Antonius, Paul Phua and one or two unexpected faces at such nosebleed levels.

The huge hand was dissected by Joey Ingram, but before watching his analysis try to put yourself in Koon’s shoes as Tsang bets out on the turn…

…and you face the prospect of yet another massive hit, in a €2k/4k/10k button ante straddled game which was certainly not for the fearless. You have an open-ended straight flush draw…over to you, and Chicago Joey


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