Koon Wins and Ivey Third in $12million Triton Finale

Jason Koon came out ahead of a mass of highstakes legends in the Triton Series Short Deck tournament to take down the $3,579,914 first prize, smashing his own highest-ever cash the finale to a week of massive action in Montenegro which saw Phil Ivey in the money yet again following his victory in the opening event.

By: Andrew Burnett



The final event saw an amazing 103 entries, despite - or perhaps because of - the Short Deck game being a relative newbie to most, although it has been played a lot in the Far East, where the Triton Series itself has a home – founders Paul Phua and Richard Yong both competing in Montenegro with varying degrees of success.

With a HK$1,000,000 (US$127,000) buy-in, the hundred-plus entries produced a mouth-watering HK$96,902,400 (~$12,344,397) prizepool, the players looking at a top 12 finish minimum cash of $283,792, with $3,579,914 up top.



Phil Ivey had already shown his skill at the short-deck game, seeing off Dan ‘Jungleman12’ Cates in the HK$250k opening event, and this time around Tom Dwan was also running deep, along with Koon who had barely rested all week – involved in the two biggest televised cash-game pots of all time a couple of nights previously.

Add Macau big-game legends Rui Cao, Winfred Yu and Xuan Tan into the mix as play came down to the nitty-gritty and fans of the game were ensured of an amazing end to a fantastic series.



Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan would be the unlucky bubble-boy, this after Main Event winner Mikita Badziakouski, Finnish legend Patrik Antonius, and the likes of Bryn Kenney and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates had already departed. Dwan’s KQ with a king on the flop walked into a serious cooler when Koon shoved, showing down aces and sending Dwan to the rails in 13th, ensuring the rest at least double their buy-in.

Canada’s Peter Jetten had already scooped a $1million score at the Maestral Resort and Casino with a $1,019,373 Main Event 3rd spot, but his hopes of another 7-figure payday were dashed when he bust out in 6th spot, and when he was followed out the door by Cao and Yu, it left only Ivey, Koon and China’s Xuan Tan left to battle for the title.

Ivey was looking to make it a Short Deck double but as many others had done before him, he ran into a red-hot Jason Koon –

...but another excellent showing and $1,666,516 in Ivey’s back pocket softening the blow.



A full fourteen hours after the players sat down, Koon once again collared an opponent, turning a full house which also gave Tan a straight, and it was all over, a delighted Koon saying afterwards: “It is kinda hard to have a bigger cash than that one in a poker tournament. What was it, like three and a half million or something? Yeah, that's pretty sweet.”

Final results

1 Jason Koon $3,579,914
2 Xuan Tan $2,308,434
3 Phil Ivey $1,666,516
4 Winfred Yu $1,172,752
5 Rui Cao $802,430
6 Peter Jetten $641,918



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