The Two Players Who Lost $10,000,000+ Playing Online Poker

Losing $10million just has to hurt, regardless of how much money you have, but whereas Gus Hansens black hole of online losses is well-documented (a staggering -$20,737,007) - the other genuine 8-figure losing account online remained a mystery for a long time, and most players will still never have heard of Chun Lei SamRostan Zhou!

By: Andrew Burnett

Before we get into the meat of the ‘samrostan’ investigation, I should clear something up: surely Guy Laliberte’s $31,078,040 highstakes horrors should be included – and top of the list? Well, no – and to explain exactly why I‘ll refer you to last month’s article on that very subject. Multi-accounting be damned.

Ok, Chun Lei Zhu, aka ‘samrostan’ – who he? We all found out back in 2014 that the mysterious monikers ‘patpatman’, ‘patpatpanda’ and ‘samrostan’ across both PokerStars and Full Tilt were indeed the high-rolling Zhu, the man himself telling PokerNews: “Yes, ‘patpatpanda’ is me, ‘samrostan’ is me. I played for a long time, and lost some money. Then I changed my account to ‘samrostan’."

‘Some money’ to Zhu would be regarded as several lifetime’s money to the majority of people in or out of poker, the following graphs showing how he punted almost $15million as he learned the ropes along the way…

As HighstakesDB reported previously, ‘according to reliable sources… the young man behind ‘SamRostan’ has in fact been one of the biggest winners over the past few years in the big games which ran in Macau, winning millions of dollars’, and ‘is also rumoured to have won millions online playing NLHE (although the rumours didn't go as far as to give a screen name!)

When Zhu stepped out into the light as one of the biggest losers of all time, he explained his losses quite happily, telling a PokerNews reporter, “It’s OK. Before I only played no-limit hold’em games. Sometimes no one played me, so I learned other ring games and I lose a lot of money. I love to play poker”.

Add to this his claim that: “I like to play online because it’s fast and you can play more tables… live game is boring and it’s easy to see how he might find himself in the deepest of holes online where no prisoners are taken at the highest stakes.

And yet, despite his horrific $15million hole, Zhu somehow managed to learn how to play the game before his money ran out, and his latest incarnation – ‘samrostan’ on PokerStars is actually a big winner

…the years of taking hits from the likes of Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom (“He’s a good player. He never sleeps, like me,” according to Zhu) finally teaching him the finer points of poker, although a second runout of quad aces saved his skin in the following huge PLO pot

It’s unlikely that Chun Lei ‘samrostan’ Zhu will ever recover even a decent chunk of his losses, but he will almost certainly always be in the online poker records books as the only other player to lose 8-figures without multi-accounting – just behind Gus Hansen!


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