Jeans89 Continues To Crush High Stakes PLO In 2018

He may have just sneaked into our top 10 all-time online cash game winners last week, but PLO maestro Jens Jeans89 Kyllönen shows no signs of stopping his decade-long climb to the top of the game, despite last years retirement from poker.

By: Andrew Burnett

The Finn, who turns 29 this year, burst onto the poker radar with a $1,120,184 EPT Copenhagen Main Event win in 2009 – one of two 7-figure scores in the live arena, his second snagging a WSOP gold bracelet to go with the $1,127,035 for taking down the PLO $25k High Roller in 2016.

It’s as an online cash game beast that ‘jeans89’ is really known, however, but it wasn’t always plain sailing for the Helsinki man – multiple shots at the nosebleed cash games required before he made the grade.

He told PokerNews his greatest poker accomplishment was: “That one night I ended up winning a million dollars on Full Tilt in 2011, after almost a year of failed shot taking. I kept grinding it up at $10/$20 and $25/$50 but kept on losing at really soft nosebleed games just running bad. After that night, everything just clicked and I started dominating.”

Looking at his online game in detail, there’s a curious shape to his seemingly ‘always upward’ all-time graph, currently sitting at $5.44million

If you pick his astonishing results apart year by year, there’s something about the early months which Jens doesn’t seem to like, in every single case the PLO king losing a little before springing back (almost literally, it happens every Spring!) and – barring one single year, 2013, when he broke even – smashing the highstakes games with an upward curve even the best players must envy.

Curiously, his Full Tilt play from 2010 to 2015 is a markedly different affair, his ‘Ingenious89’ nametag showing a profit of $222,240 from over 150k hands – with that $1million session mentioned earlier as part of it -  but the graph is a strange looking-beast, even given the Black Friday two-year ‘plateau’.

Last year, Kyllönen, whose Twitter profile states: ‘Young in life. A dinosaur in poker’, decided he’d had enough of the decade-long grinders life – planning instead to pursue a career in finance and putting poker on the back-burner at least…



…but the man has poker in his blood and as I write he has just bust out of the 2018 SCOOP Main Event, in the money but short of the top spot paying out over $1million.

Add in his $155k+ winnings this year from the online cash games and it’s clear that he isn’t remotely finished with the game of poker – and that’s a boon for Jen’s, and the game’s, fans.


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