Net Worth Of The Poker Pros Playing In The Triton Cash Game!

Last weeks Triton Series cash games had perhaps the greatest line-up we’ve seen in years, drawing legends of the game such as Phil Ivey, Tom Durrrr Dwan, Dan jungleman Cates and Patrik Antonius to the table – as well as a host of deep-pocketed Asian pros and amateurs headed by Paul Phua – but how much were they worth as a group? Let us see if we can work it out…

By: Andrew Burnett

Phil Ivey $30-40million

For many years the number $100million was bandied about for Ivey, adding together his live and online winnings, his $1million Full Tilt earnings as an investor, not to mention his other high-stakes gambling activities.

Nowadays, however, unless he’s absolutely killing the big games in Asia, Ivey’s income stream has dried up in many respects – and many watching the Triton games said he looked the least comfortable of all at the nosebleed-level.

It’s a guessing game, but if Ivey is worth more than $30-40 million nowadays I’d be very surprised.



Tom Dwan $25million

It’s not so long ago that ‘durrrr’ was being spoken of as busto and in hock to the Triads, rumours abounding of him being brought out to play on demand to settle his debts. Absolute nonsense or not, Dwan appeared to be the most comfortable of all the non-Asian players at the table.

Figures of $8-10million were thrown about by a number of sites around that time, but he has the air of someone quite at ease with the high stakes we saw in Montenegro, as well as hinting that he had almost 100% of his own action. True or not, Dwan didn’t act like someone who had money worries, so I’m going to stick him on $25million as a conservative estimate.

Daniel Cates $20million

‘Jungleman’ Cates is a tricky man to pin down when it comes to wealth, massive wins across all forms of poker balanced by $millions he is owed from various poker adventures; the ‘durrr’ Challenge, the Full Tilt debacle and being screwed over by various players.

“Jungle is way too trusting, which in a vacuum, is a beautiful thing, but in the world of poker not so. Though it does seem he’s learning his lesson, albeit at a very high price,” was how one 2+2 forum poster described him a few years back.

This past week, however, he was talking about how he has been killing almost every game he plays in Asia and elsewhere, so his problems seem to be well in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if he didn’t have the same kind of money – or more – than his legendary rivals, but I’ll cap it at $20million just to err on the safe side.



Patrik Antonius $15million

The Finnish poker genius has some of the most amazing winning graphs ever, recorded online and live cashes totalling some $30million, but business/staking losses have taken a sizeable bite out of that.

Nevertheless, Monaco tax status has to help – this week Antonius mentioning it’s not worth his while playing a full WSOP schedule because, as he puts it: “I still have a little issue with taxes when it comes to the States”.

A rough guesstimate as to his worth? Somewhere in the region of $15million perhaps.



Kane Kalas $15million

How does someone who is more often seen playing $25/50 or $50/100 on Live at the Bike end up in the company of Asia highrollers and the legends named above? Cryptocurrency and the global stock markets apparently – although Kalas does have an impressive-enough poker resume, both live and online.



The talented singer’s move to Puerto Rico this year was a tax-driven exodus, and this excellent article by Sean Chaffin gives an insight into the new face –although perhaps a temporary one - at the nosebleed stakes.

Net worth? With crypto and trading behind him it could easily outstrip all his ‘rivals’ in this article combined, but equally it could all turn to dust – so I’m going to stick a very conservative $15million on Kalas a swell.

That quintet – not even including Jason Koon who was involved in the two biggest televised pots ever – works out at over $100million.



The opposition?

Well, sitting across from the US heroes of the poker world were a highly-talented group of Asian players; Elton Tsang, Xuan Tan, Rui Cao and the Godfather of the Macau scene Paul Phua – but good luck estimating what their combined wealth is. Let’s just say you’ll need a very big calculator!



As a footnote to what is obviously a very vague article in many ways, an ama thread on PokerVIP a couple of years back saw Jungleman Cates being asked about net worth’s – here’s what he said about a few of the biggest and best…

Ivey probably very rich but I don’t know for sure, some kind of 8 figure amount
Trickett no idea, I’m not sure what he’s getting money from
Antonius no idea, similar situation as Trickett
Polk probably has a few million or so
Robl maybe 10+”

So Cates’ guess is as good as mine and feel free to give your own estimates/guesstimates/analysis in the comments section below.


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